581: Five of the Worst Types of Food for Metabolic Health, Insulin Sensitivity and Stubborn Visceral Belly Fat with Dr. Mariza

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If you’ve been following me long enough… you know how I preach that FOOD is so powerful.

The right food nourishes our bodies, reduces inflammation, keeps biomarkers in range, and helps our bodies heal on a cellular level. 

But, more importantly… there’s some serious food to watch out for.

Some of your favorite– even “healthy”– foods can have dangerous, damaging ingredients you may not be aware of.

Don’t worry though– in today’s podcast we uncover the top 5 WORST types of food for metabolic health, and how you can be sure to avoid them. 

You won’t want to miss this show– because not only do we dive into these 5 harmful foods for your health, but I also give you great meal ideas, easy snack options, tips for eating while traveling, and all the details on my next 14-Day Detox Program! 

Check it all out here!


  1. Foods that sneak into our diets and cause metabolic disruption 
  2. The negative impacts sugar has on our health 
  3. The benefits of nourishing your gut and liver 
  4. The truth about carbs 
  5. The most dangerous processed foods 
  6. Ideas for cooking at home and healthy homemade meals 
  7. Common places where harmful oils are secretly hiding 
  8. Top recommendations for meals and snacks outside of the home 
  9. How to join my 14-Day Detox packed with Free bonuses! 


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