#582: The Root Causes of Sugar Addiction and Emotional Eating with Danielle Daem

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Just a few pieces of chocolate won’t kill me, right? 

Trust me… we’ve all had this thought no matter where we are in our journey to ultimate health. 

But is it really the sugar you’re craving… or are you actually trying to satisfy a different unmet need? 

In today’s podcast, Sugar Freedom Expert Danielle Daem and I address the predominant root causes of sugar addiction– that you may have never realized. 

And trust me… we’re not here to tell you you can never have sugar again. We ARE realistic!

But Danielle helps you learn how to heal your emotions around sugar and address any addiction from a trauma-informed lens. 

YOU ultimately are the one to decide what your relationship with sugar looks like– by showing up for yourself, keeping your word, and not only doing the work nutritionally… but emotionally, too. 

Danielle is here to guide you through all of this– and more! So don’t miss this episode to help you restore a healthy balance with sugar. 

Danielle Daem

Danielle Daem is a Sugar Freedom Expert, Breathwork Facilitator & Somatic Embodiment Coach who helps women heal their relationship with sugar to reclaim control over their health and energy. Her root cause approach to addiction addresses how your relationship with food ultimately stems from your relationship with yourself.

Danielle is the creator of the Break Free From Sugar Program and host of the top-rated “Beyond Sugar Freedom Podcast”. She’s recognized as the go-to expert for helping women heal addictive relationships to discover a deeper sense of freedom with food. 


  1. Danielle’s history of overcoming sugar addiction and emotional eating– and how she now educates others on doing the same 
  2. Addressing the common root causes of sugar addiction 
  3. The link between trauma and our unhealthy eating habits
  4. How we can learn to trust our bodies and overcome addiction 
  5. Regulating the nervous system in response to triggers 
  6. Becoming food investigators and recognizing hidden sugars 
  7. What is a trauma-informed approach to a sugar detox? 
  8. Using somatic embodiment to heal our relationship with sugar 


Root Cause Quiz: Uncover your sugar dependency with this quick quiz.

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