#383: How I Build Metabolically Healthy Meals for My Family to Maintain Steady Blood Sugar and Energy Levels

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In This Episode:

How do you really want to feel so that you can continue to show up as a strong, healthy, and dependable woman for all the people in your life? 

For me, the answer is always: Energized, joyful, focused, and firing on all cylinders… 

I want that for my entire family! That’s why I spent the last several years figuring out how to create not only the most balanced meals, but the most metabolically-healthy meals for myself and my family. 

Tune in to today’s podcast for my SEVEN top strategies to crafting meals that will support your hormones, brain, gut, and metabolism and learn:

  • The 3 must-adopt habits to feeling your best ALL THE TIME
  • How to properly use fiber to optimize your hormones, blood sugar, and weight
  • Which micronutrients and antioxidants you need from which foods
  • The trick to going organic 
  • What it means to get your omegas 
  • Why you need to add fermented foods to you grocery list
  • How to successfully minimize refined sugar, carbs, and whole grains 
  • The key to combining your meals and dressing up good carbs

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