#72: Overcome Brain Fog Instantly with Essential Oils and Other Powerful Tools with Dr. Mariza

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • What you can do to today mediate and heal your brain fog symptoms
  • Recommendations to move the needle and decrease inflammation in your body
  • Understanding how your mitochondria function impacts your brain energy
  • The best brain-boosting supplements for mitochondrial support
  • How essential oils can immediately improve mental clarity and decrease brain fog

Episode Summary:

Dealing with brain fog and the confusing frustration that comes with it is something that many women deal with, and something I’m determined to put an end to it. Our busy modern day lives can often be to blame for much of what we are experiencing, so it is essential to be equipped with knowledge on how to heal brain fog naturally.

In this episode, we explore the adverse chemical influences that are wreaking havoc on our natural physiological processes, what you can be doing to decrease the negative inflammation in your body, and ways to make sure your brain is firing on all cylinders.

Brain fog is almost instantaneously curable with the help of a few natural remedies such as essential oils and supplements. If you’re ready to function at your best, boost your brain power and alertness when you need it most, and gain motivation to fuel your body in the right way, this episode is for you. I’m breaking down everything from the science behind mitochondrial dysfunction and how it plays a role in your gut and liver, to correcting your microbiome through intermittent fasting and so much more.

This no-nonsense conversation is all about preparing yourself to take on a powerful integrative approach when it comes to your mental clarity and brain function, and ultimately live happier and healthier. Circadian rhythms, Vitamin D, your microbiome and more are all on the docket today as we explore the interconnectedness of our bodies and the best way to care for your brain. What part of brain fog healing resonates most with you? Let us know what improvements you are trying to implement into your daily routine in the comments section.


“It isn’t necessarily just our hormones, what we are specifically talking about is the modern world assaults that we are dealing with.” (9:19)

“If you can move into a more natural way of regulating some of these issues, I highly, highly, recommend it.” (18:40)

“Simply inhaling or diffusing these oils can enhance your focus and concentration, as well as get rid of that brain fog and mental chatter.” (40:32)

“As you can see, it is all so interconnected.” (48:31)

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One Response to #72: Overcome Brain Fog Instantly with Essential Oils and Other Powerful Tools with Dr. Mariza

  1. Lotte March 20, 2019 at 3:27 am #

    Dear Mariza, I totally loved this one! It summarised so perfectly all the elements we need to focus on for general health which leads to gut health and brain health. Fantastic! And I so enjoy your bubbly, positive style!
    Best wishes from Switzerland! Lotte

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