#8: Lose Weight By Balancing Your Hormones with Bridgit Danner


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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • Learn about hormone balancing supplements such as magnesium, fish oil and chromium
  • The importance of having a morning routine to help yourself have a better day
  • Which essential oils will transform your nighttime routine
  • How 2 teaspoons of hemp oil could change your cycle, mood, and weight in just one month

Episode Summary:

Are you struggling to lose weight, or just not feeling quite right? Hormone imbalance can play a big part in your overall mood and happiness. Today we’re talking all about the tips and tricks to revolutionize your life by balancing your hormones!

My guest today is Bridgit Danner who is here to talk about the ways hormones affect women and how to find the perfect balance for you. Inspired by her postpartum depression, Bridgit started Women’s Wellness Collaborative, an online resource for women, focused on finding ways to help women understand and balance their hormones. After spending 13 years dedicating herself to Chinese medicine, and giving over 12,000 treatments, Bridgit sold her Portland-based clinic to focus on using her online women’s health collective to help women be the best they can be.

If you are gaining weight for no reason, experiencing night sweats or insomnia, a hormonal detox may be the way to help. Learn about gut-friendly foods, how to balance your estrogen and progesterone, break down complex thyroid issues and learn how cortisol can affect your blood sugar.

Find out how you can love chocolate and still maintain a healthy diet through gut-friendly foods and probiotics. Bridgit also shares an online quiz that could solve your gut issues and give you tips to keep your gut happy. Balancing your hormones just might be the key to losing that extra weight and a happier life!

What’s your experience with hormonal imbalance? Let us know in the comments below!


“It’s all about reinventing your health with cheaper natural solutions” (0:34)

“There could be a war going on inside you that you aren’t even aware of, and hormone balancing is a way to end that war”

“Not all our energy comes from food. It comes from movement, engaging with the sun and the moon, being outside, and gratitude” (38:30)

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