#1: Become A Healer In Your Home By Reinventing Healthcare


What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • My journey to wellness after battling migraines, extra weight, and an unhealthy lifestyle
  • The unexpected solution to radical self-healing
  • A look ahead at what we’re going to be talking about on Essentially You, and some of the exciting guests we’re going to be hearing from!
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Episode Summary:

Welcome to Essentially You! All about reinventing your health with safe effective natural solutions and powerful lifestyle changes. My goal is to provide you with natural remedies, protocols, and solutions so you can make a decision about your health. We are a community of women navigating decisions about health and wellbeing, and I want to help you become the CEO of your own health care.

I am your host, Dr. Mariza Snyder. As a result of head trauma when I was young my health began to deteriorate. I was told I would have to live with my migraine pain, and the pain took over my life. I was introduced to Holistic Medicine and although I entered into it with a bit of skepticism, after 3 months of holistic functional care I was migraine free! All thanks to finding the root of my problem instead of covering it up with traditional medicine. Following this discovery, I decided to alter my career path to bring this revolution in health to as many people as possible. I’m passionate to bring this information to my patients and help them change their lives!

On this podcast we’re going to have some of the top health experts talking about food intolerance, food inflammation, healing the gut, post birth control syndrome, and much more. We’ll uncover solutions for your hormone imbalance, fatigue, weight loss struggles and everything in between, all while using natural and safer solutions.

Listen in for my unexpected solution to radical self-healing. Learn to love the way that you feel each and every day. It’s time to reinvent our healthcare, and the boss of that is you! You have the final say in your wellness plan, and you deserve a body that works for you. It’s time to take action and focus on your wellness. As women, we often forget to prioritize ourselves. Healthcare has a trickle-down effect, we must take care of ourselves first and foremost. When it comes down to it, taking care of yourself is really taking care of your family. Don’t put your health on hold for the sake of anyone else.

As a special bonus, I have created The Ultimate Vitality and Energy Starter Kit. This kit comes with a trio of guides, all with a common mission that I personally use every day. Discover my green smoothie matcha recipes, learn my top 10 energy boosters and receive the coveted essential oil wellness guide. Plus a ton of my favorite recipes! Find the link below.

Thank you for joining me on this Essentially You journey. I can’t wait to help you feel younger and healthier than ever with natural and safe solutions.

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