#124: How to Create a Fit, Healthy Body and a Life of Self Love with Bree Argetsinger

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • The role personal responsibility plays in the self-care you do every day
  • Tips to build daily healthy exercise and diet habits at home in 30 days
  • How to use ‘flawsome’ and give yourself the grace to be less than perfect
  • Ways to tune in to your body and use resistance as your greatest teacher
  • Doing a little something instead of all or nothing to find greater success

Episode Summary

The all or nothing mentality that so many of us have towards life and fitness is not healthy. This mentality is something that Bree Argetsinger, or The Betty Rocker, gave up subscribing to years ago. After living her life striving to look like the models she saw in magazines, she had an awakening when she started to feed her body with natural foods instead of fake ones and put self-growth over appearance. 

Since the creation of The Betty Rocker over 2 million people have participated in The Betty Rocker Make Your Fat Cry Bootcamp, which has completely transformed the mindset of countless people, including yours truly.

With a refreshing take on fitness embodying grace and ease, Bree is here to inspire you to take action and start respecting your body enough to take care of it. 

If you are striving to take that crazy pressure of needing to be perfect away but feel like you can’t, if you want to increase your movement and longevity, if you want to change your fitness habits for the better, Bree’s message of self-care and self-love is the breath of fresh air you have been looking for. 

The piece you often don’t know you need is the mental piece, and the real secret to consistency is to do a little something. Are you ready to stop blocking your own goals and start doing the work for the things that matter to you? Share what inspired you most about Bree’s uplifting perspective in the comments below!


“You know you are up so close to things but you still think you can cheat the system. You think well ‘I see the way these models look and I’m going to do what they’re doing because they look happy, they look beautiful, they’re getting the validation’. And I was sold on a system that doesn’t really exist. It’s fake.” (9:33)

“When you start to think about your body as your friends, and all of these amazing cells in your body, all of them are dedicated to the purpose of you every single day. You start to just recognize your own responsibility in loving and caring for this amazing body that you have.” (14:55)

“I really think that the things that make us ‘ugly,’ whatever our greatest wounds are, they are also our greatest gifts, they are the things that make us unique, and they are also the things that make you special.” (21:04)

“We take the knowledge that we have and filter it through our own personal filter and thinking system, and we want to deliver it in a way that really meets someone where they are at at this moment, and create space for them to expand within it.” (31:54)

“No matter where we are, we are shaped by the things that have come before us. And some of those things are negative, and some of those things are positive, but using the sort of method that I just described, you can take the best things from all of which you have been given, all of which you have experienced, and you are the creator of your own life.” (39:12)

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3 Responses to #124: How to Create a Fit, Healthy Body and a Life of Self Love with Bree Argetsinger

  1. Gina September 10, 2019 at 5:28 pm #

    Thank you dcmaariza your are an inspiration

  2. Lisa DeLuca September 11, 2019 at 10:29 am #

    BEST podcast yet!!! It has 2 of my most favorite health gurus – Dr. Mariza and the Betty Rocker!!!!! It made my commute into work enjoyable that morning 🙂

  3. Laura Roberts September 23, 2019 at 10:17 am #

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE Bree!! She has helped me so much in the past year. I have adopted FLAWSOME!! I struggle with depression, and I know I will always have ups and downs, but it has been SO incredibly good for rebuilding myself, inside and out. I was working with another coach before I found BettyRocker. I had a lot of respect for this woman and enjoyed her workouts. But when I decided to try Make Fat Cry, I instantly felt a connection with Bree that I had never felt with other coaches, and I think it’s because she is so real. During more difficult workouts, she struggles too — something a lot of other coaches don’t admit. In fact, in every other workout I’ve done, the videos are paused between certain exercises, making you wonder if the woman is just pretending to be so strong and give off the vibe that the workouts are so simple. Not only that, I’ve heard/read about some of Bree’s past struggles, which has helped me realize that we all struggle. No other coach has ever given me that. They act like they’ve just always been this way and had no problems. It is SO awesome to see that someone I look up to and respect so much — a mentor of sorts — has imperfections and has had struggles too. She just wasn’t born into it. One of the most awesome things I have come to believe over the past year is that the universe gives you signs to let you know when you are on the right track. Just since working with Bree, I have received SOOOO many of those “signs.” From one of the first workouts I did with her when she mentioned that purple is a favorite color of hers — my very first (and only) grandchild died after 4 days from CDH, and her name was Violet. Since then, that has been my favorie color. — right up to this podcast where she mentions her friend who had half of her face paralyzed. I had this happen 3 years ago, and it DESTROYED my already low self-esteem. And there have been SOOO many others in between, including the fact that the emails I receive (like this one and the ones in the past few weeks about depression and anxiey) come along at the EXACT time I need them. Those may not seem like big “coincidences,” but I believe it’s the universe telling me that I am right on time and on the right path.

    Anyhow, sorry for rambling. =) I just REALLY want to thank Bree for being herself and showing all of us that it’s okay to just be ourselves too. <3

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