#180: How to Overcome the Anxiety Pandemic by Managing Your Mindset with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

What we’re talking about in this episode

  • How to manage and overcome your mindset during this anxiety pandemic
  • Tips for acknowledging the unpredictable while remaining in charge of what you think
  • Strategies and tools to change your physiological state when going through anxiety
  • Why you should cut back the time you allow yourself to watch the pandemic news
  • Ways to create connection, routine and schedule during this quarantine 
  • How to make this pandemic something that is happening for you, not to you

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Episode Summary

Have you or someone you love been experiencing anxiety, panic, and confusion during all this global craziness? COVID-19 is being dubbed the ‘anxiety pandemic,’ which is why I brought my go-to doctor on emotional mastery onto the show today.

Dr. Joan Rosenburg is an expert psychologist, master clinician, trainer, creator of Emotional Mastery and corporate consultant who is internationally recognized for her thought leadership and influence in personal development. Today Dr. Rosenberg is here to provide you with powerful tools to manage your mindset and ease your panic sensations. 

By creating a sense of calm and predictability within your own home, you can manage your anxious state and shift into a calmer mindset in a safe and easy way. It is time to establish a new sense of normal while we navigate this crazy time together and start putting ourselves in charge of what we think and feel. 

Why not use this opportunity to start making the choices that you have been procrastinating on and tap into what feels good for you? By taking control of your mind instead of focusing on your circumstances, you can approach this quarantine and pandemic with the mentality of who you want to become. You don’t have to stay in a state of high alertness or alarm. By thinking, speaking and acting in the direction you want to go, you can take control of your mindset and overcome this anxiety pandemic with ease and grace.

Who do you know that could use the tools shared by Dr. Joan Rosenburg during this time of uncertainty? Tag them in the comments below!


“This is a time of profound loss for all of us and its a time of uncertainty and unpredictability. And the speed in which everything happened really is jarring. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t actually manage what we are going through in a way that is not quite so reactive.” (12:28)

“My focus for people, if I pull it down to just one sentence, is to think, to speak and to act in the direction that you want to go.” (13:27)

“Until we get into the, if you will, familiarity of the quarantine, of being sheltered at home, and we start to then make use of that familiarity to calm us down, then we can be more focused in the present and begin to make decisions about how we want to use the time.” (18:02)

“When you know that you can establish something that is more predictable within your own home, then it feels more ordered, then it feels more calm.” (23:07)

“We’re taking charge with our minds and not focusing on the circumstance; instead, we are focusing on who we want to become and what we want to do.” (25:26)

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