#190: What Is Mindfulness and Why Is It So Important Right Now? with Eric Edmeades

In This Episode: Holding On to Your Vision Through Mindfulness and Mindset

  • How to satisfy your fundamental needs through new ways of connection
  • Ways to nourish your body, brain, and immune system during this quarantine
  • Learn about the 14 essential needs of humans and how to satisfy them
  • Tips for finding calm and harmony in your isolation space through meditation
  • What to do if your close proximity is breeding contempt in your isolation bubble

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Episode Summary

Right now, the power of mindfulness and meditation is incredibly important, because it helps you keep your vision, dreams, and goals at the top of your mind. Although the circumstances we are in may feel like nothing you could have ever expected, it is by holding on to your vision, not the circumstances, that you can change your life for the better, even now.

Eric Edmeades is an internationally recognized business speaker and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others create a life of freedom. An advocate for meditation, mindfulness, and self-care, Eric Is an expert in maintaining mindfulness and calm while in the eye of the storm. Today we will discuss everything from the minimum effective dose of meditation, to tips on how to foster social connection through isolation to his evolution gap theory.

Eric is here to provide you with the knowledge you need to cope with what’s going on, survive it, and ultimately get to the place where you are thriving whenever we come out of this lockdown. By satisfying the 14 essential human needs, you can set your brain and body up for success and be confident in your preparation for what is next. 

Are you ready to get out of fight or flight and find a way to deeply nourish yourself instead? Share what you are doing to keep sane during isolation with us in the comments below!


“More and more when I have had these reset moments it has reminded me that my happiness is an inside job. And my happiness and my sense of calm is created by me and not by external circumstances.” (10:37)

“What we need to do today, in my opinion, is to recognize yes, there is a lion out there, but its six miles away. And so we should be aware of coronavirus, we should be aware of the economic realities that are taking place around us, but we should not be allowing ourselves to be adrenalized by that.” (22:56)

“Most of us shouldn’t even be afraid of the virus, what we should be more afraid of is the mental viral fear that’s going around. And that’s where this conversation, I think, is so important. The making time for mindfulness and making time for breathing exercises, so that way we can let the lion walk right by and go ‘Look its a lion, I’m not worried about it, it’s not stalking me.’” (24:48)

“At the end of the day right now, what we all need to be taking care of is our own health and our family and our community. And then we can start spreading the circles out beyond.” (40:18)

“We will never go back to exactly what was before, and that means that more than ever before we are going to be responsible for ourselves, we’re going to be responsible for our own mental health and mindfulness, and we are going to be responsible for our physical health.” (41:36)

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