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#115: How to Eat for Your Autoimmunity and Why the Autoimmune Protocol Is Key with Angie Alt

Angie Alt spent more than a decade being dismissed by doctors and was days away from checking herself into a psychiatric facility only to find out she was battling not one, not two but three autoimmune diseases. Since then Angie has created her the program SAD to AIP in SIX to help others manage and reverse their autoimmune symptoms through diet and lifestyle.

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Turmeric Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Giving Indian cuisine its peppery flavor and bright yellow color, Turmeric populates Indian cuisine as a savory spice but has been also been prized for centuries in Ayurvedic practices. Now, research and experience indicate that Turmeric affects nearly every biological system in the human body.

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#114: 14 Days to Jump Start Your Hormones Naturally

Have you been noticing some stubborn weight that you just can’t seem to get rid of despite no changes in your diet or lifestyle? Stubborn weight is often the symptom of something bigger, and usually has one of six root causes hidden within your hormones and inflammation levels. Today I am diving into these root causes and the simple ways that you can detox your body with my 14-Day Hormone Weight Loss Detox. 

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