#281: How to End Emotional Eating Now with Tricia Nelson

If You Want to End Emotional Eating Now, You Should:

  1. Slow down and manage your stress
  2. Put away your scale and the power it holds
  3. Seek out a solid community support system

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Episode Summary

Ever since I was a teenager, I have used food to deal with my stress and low energy in the forms of caffeine and sugar. It wasn’t until I found new, healthy habits to replace my emotional eating habits that I realize just how destructive this pattern was. Luckily I have broken up with sugar for good, all thanks to experts like my friend Tricia Nelson.

The Hidden Causes Behind Your Eating Habits with Tricia Nelson

Tricia Nelson lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating. She has spent over thirty years researching the hidden causes of an addictive personality and is regarded as an Emotional Eating Expert, #1 bestselling author, a highly regarded TEDx speaker, and a certified health coach. Tricia is passionate about helping others dig deep so they can get to the root cause of their emotional eating.

The Emotional Eating Spectrum

Tricia believes that we are all hardwired to have an emotional connection to food. But, not everybody has the ability to control our urges and course correct. The emotional eating spectrum comes down to the root causes of our relationship with food, so it is only by sitting with the emotions we associate with food that we can begin to heal.

By working on your limiting beliefs, people-pleasing, and self-care routine, you can deal with your feelings before your feelings deal with you in terms of health issues, autoimmune issues, and disease.

Getting to the Root Cause

Often emotional eaters are eating to be able to suppress their emotions. ‘Magic diets’ or ‘easy hacks’ backfire because they do not address the root emotional causes behind your food choices. 

By dealing with the living problem, you can stop being afraid of the kitchen or out of control when around food because you have the tools necessary to deal with the emotional underpinning of why you are eating. Emotional eating is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, but with the right strategy, you can figure out the real feelings that are driving your snacking and heal your root causes for good.

Are you ready to end your emotional eating today? Share your thoughts about Tricia’s insights with me in the comments below!


“What happened in my journey is I met someone who showed me how to get out of that cycle, the yo-yo dieting cycle, by getting deeper and addressing the underlying causes, the emotional eating.” (8:02)

“I believe we are all emotional eaters, it is just a spectrum. On the low end, very few consequences and a lot of control to course correct. On the high end is food addiction, very little control, and a whole lot of consequences.” (15:53)

“It’s not about food or weight, it’s not about exercise, it is really about changing the way we live, putting self-care in our lives, and making sure we put ourselves first in our lives.” (19:31)

“Let’s deal with the living problem so that you are no longer afraid to go into the kitchen or no longer out of control once you put something in your mouth. There is a better more balanced way to go.” (26:22)

“You have to start tuning into yourself and knowing your emotions so you can address them in a responsible and healthy way versus stuffing them with food.” (32:23)

In This Episode

  • The role of trauma and limiting beliefs in your relationship with food (8:32)
  • How self-care can change the way you relate to yourself and others (19:20)
  • Why diets don’t work and why it is not your fault when they don’t (23:31)
  • How to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger (28:16)
  • Three things that you can do to end emotional eating now (35:27)

Resources Mentioned

Heal Your Hunger Website

Are You an Emotional Eater Quiz

Free Emotional Eating Breakthrough Session ($300 Value)

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