#322: How Nutrient-Depleted Is Our Food Today and What We Can Do About It With Jenn Trepeck

If You Are Ready To Make Some Changes In The Way You Prioritize Nutrients, You Should:

  1. Make sure to pick your food from the fridge first
  2. Teach your kids the difference between energizing foods and energy-zapping foods
  3. Choose foods that are going to support all of the pieces of your life

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Episode Summary

The complexity of the nutritional world and what is really happening with our food is something that many of us lack information on. While we might think we are making healthy choices, how our food is produced has a huge impact on the nutrients we can get out of it. This is why it is so important to choose how you nourish yourself and your family with intention so that you can make a difference with your dollars and your fork.

The Nutrition Education You Are Supposed to Know but Were Never Taught

Jenn Trepeck, a “force of nature” in wellness, is an Optimal Health Coach specializing in weight management. The Founder of Better Life Now LLC and host of Salad with a Side of Fries Podcast, Jenn works to pay her knowledge forward and reach a larger audience, teaching the nutrition education we are all supposed to know but no one ever taught us. Jenn’s mission is to change the state of healthcare as a Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach and Consultant with nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions.

Think Global, Act Local

Have you ever stopped to consider why the apples or bananas you are buying in the store were grown and shipped to you from the other side of the world? This is because we have lost touch with the nutritional power of eating locally and seasonally. While this started as an attempt to create efficiencies in the way we grow and access food, it has harmed the fundamental nutritional components of these foods. So even if you think you are making healthy choices, you may not be getting all the nutritional benefits you think you are. This is why it is important to make choices as a conscious consumer to feed your body better and shift how our food is produced.

Becoming a Conscious Consumer

Jenn wants you to make decisions with both your dollar and your fork by shopping local, eating seasonally, and advocating for organizations involved in providing access to fresh foods in your community. 

Being a conscious food consumer does not have to be complicated or expensive; all it takes is a commitment to reverse the metabolic epidemic we are seeing in this country and seek out foods that give you proper nutrition. Food provides us energy, which in turn impacts everything else. By bridging the gap between how our food is produced and how it is serving us, we can relieve our symptoms and improve our nutrition for everyone.

What was your favorite takeaway from Jenn’s wealth of knowledge shared here today? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


“Our system teaches us to look at everything in isolation, but the reality is everything is so connected, in nature and in the body.” (8:32)

“Even if we were to eat all of the things that we are supposed to eat, and never eat the things that deplete our body, we are still not getting the nutrients we think that we are from all of our healthy choices. And it doesn’t mean don’t eat the broccoli, of course. But it means that we might have to have an even greater commitment to nutrition, and potentially supplementation, to help support our bodies proper function.” (12:07)

“All industry has a lot to do with economics, but our food supply and our food industry and what qualifies as food have snowballed to a place where we need to reclaim control. And the way that we can do that is with our dollars.” (23:55)

“Moderation and living life, absolutely. But understanding fundamentally what we are giving our body through our food choices is paramount.” (33:31)

“The amount of brainpower that is consumed by keeping track of what we eat and beating ourselves up over these things is such lost potential. Think about all the things you could create and the impact you could make in the world when all of that brainpower isn’t caught up in all of these things.” (35:46)

In This Episode

  • What depletion in your nutrition means when it comes to the general American food system today (10:40)
  • Learn a new way to think about cravings and feeding your body what it truly needs (15:36)
  • The different contexts that exist when it comes to food availability, scarcity, and access (20:34)
  • How to become a conscious consumer when it comes to your dollar and your fork (24:16)
  • Tips for feeding your family and being more mindful about what is going into your body (34:08)

Resources Mentioned

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