#350: Why Women Aren’t Small Men and How to Navigate Poor Health Advice When You Have a Period

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In This Episode:

There is a big knowledge gap in the medical system when it comes to treating women. The system still has a limited understanding of women’s health. However, we are making slow progress.

To optimize women’s health, we must first understand menstrual cycle phases. As a woman moves through the menstrual cycle phases, she will have different strengths and needs during each phase.

You can thrive during every phase if you know how to support your body…

Tune in today to hear…

  • How the history of medical research affects women’s health today
  • The different ways your body works during each phase of your cycle
  • The best period tracking apps
  • The phase of your cycle when you are the most physiologically like a man
  • The best time of the month for strength training
  • And more!

Mentioned in This Episode

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Superwoman Blend

Sleep Support

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