#394: What Are Normal Levels of Insulin and Why Don’t We Test It?

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Can you recall getting your fasting insulin level tested during an annual exam–like, ever?

I have a feeling the answer is no.  Full disclosure: I haven’t had mine tested either, but I plan to run that lab test later this month and I will share why on this podcast.  

When it comes to looking at metabolic health and blood sugar levels, I have always done what most people do: Test my HA1C.

Tune in to today’s podcast to learn why HA1C shouldn’t be the only thing you’re looking at, PLUS why we need to look more closely at our insulin–and learn: 

  • Why testing your fasting insulin can keep you YEARS ahead of disease 
  • How insulin resistance can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and more
  • What the insulin hormone does for your organs, tissue, and glands 
  • The insulin / glucose dance 
  • What today’s insulin levels can tell you about your distant future
  • The most common disorders and disease associated with insulin dysfunction
  • 5 key habits if you have insulin resistance (or want to prevent it!)

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