#278: Intermittent Fasting for Better Focus, Energy and Overall Brain Function

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Intermittent fasting gets a lot of press for its benefits for your weight, and for good reason. But did you know it is fantastic for cellular longevity, brain health, and overall energy as well?

Check out this quick episode to learn the powerful benefits intermittent fasting can have for your body. I’ll also give tips for success based on where you are in your cycle, your age, and other factors to make sure you experience the most success!

Tune in today to learn:

  • My intermittent fasting and what I’ve found works well for my body
  • Why being in tune with your cycle and your body’s needs changes how you intermittent fast
  • Which parts of your cycle are most improved by practicing intermittent fasting (and what to do if you’re in perimenopause or menopause and don’t have a regular cycle)
  • Key success tips for how you start your day so you won’t feel hungry before the fasting window ends
  • Research-backed benefits for your cellular and brain health from intermittent fasting

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