#418: 5 Simple Rules That Will Make the Biggest Impact on Your Health

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In This Episode:

Do you have a habit or ritual in your life that makes a huge, positive difference in your day and in your life? 

I certainly have a few that I do almost every single day because the juice is worth the squeeze.

But as you continue to develop new healthy habits, there are a few research-backed ground rules that can help get you started.

Catch today’s podcast for the top 5 rules that, when followed consistently, can make a huge impact on your energy levels, metabolism, and general well-being–and learn: 

  • My top habits and rituals for a better life
  • An epic resource to help you level up your game in every way
  • The best drink swaps
  • When and how to snack 
  • When to stop eating for the day and why
  • What to do after dinner that will dramatically improve your life
  • The one exercise you should be prioritizing

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