#503: The Most Effective Rituals We Can Do to Reduce Anxiety and Perceived Stress with Dr. Tâmara Castelo

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Episode Summary

After everything we’ve been through in the past few years, anxiety in our population is at an all-time high. You may have felt it yourself. 

Dr. Tâmara Castelo has seen this firsthand with her patients. After over 12 years in her career as a doctor, once the pandemic hit she had to shift her way of working. She needed to figure out the best ways to reduce anxiety in her patients to provide the best support through such a highly stressful time. 

As an expert in Chinese medicine, she has tons of experience helping others move out of a state of anxiety. And she helps patients understand how to become more attuned to their bodies. This helps reduce anxiousness, tension, stress, and discomfort.

We often forget to connect with our body or really tap into what our body needs. So often, stress and anxiety can actually present physically in our bodies. Understanding what these physical manifestations mean can help us get to the real root of the problem. 

In this podcast, Dr. Castelo teaches us about how our body tries to speak to us when we’re constantly experiencing things like anxiety and perceived stress, pain, or migraines.

She’ll also dive into the discussion of sleep, and how to prioritize it to help manage our physical and mental health. She’ll explain to you the secret to the optimal amount of sleep you should get every night. 

If you’ve been dealing with anxiety, migraines, body aches, or stress– this podcast is for you. Dr. Castelo teaches us so much about looking into your body and recognizing what it needs. 

You can make these observations of your body through powerful rituals that Dr. Castelo explains further in this show. She goes deeper into this concept in her book The Power of Rituals: Small Habits, Big Changes for your Well-being and Health. 

But listen to this podcast now to immediately start implementing these simple and effective rituals to ease your anxiety and improve your life

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“When we can understand our bodies, we can really learn how to heal.”

“One of the things that I love so much, especially for women, is rituals that help them to reduce burnout, stress, and anxiety and overwhelm.” 

“People think that the overload is when you are going through [an anxiety attack], but it’s not actually– it’s the effect after that is the problem”

“We’ve got to be more tuned in with our body and especially our physical body– and really connect into that deeper sense of ‘what is going on’. Because that’s going to really support setting in the rituals and doing the things that are really going to support us.” 

In This Episode

  • About Dr. Castelo 
  • Traditional Chinese medicine and the holistic approach to healing 
  • Breathing techniques to restore calm 
  • Tips to manage stress and anxiety attacks fast 
  • Creating an intentional sleep ritual 
  • Importance of sleep and mindfulness 
  • Understanding the physical presentation of anxiety 
  • Benefits of tuning into your body 
  • Information on the last day of the 500th episode giveaway!

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Castelo’s Book: THE POWER OF RITUALS: Small Habits, Big Changes for Your Well-Being and Health

Dr. Tamara Castelo’s Website

Connect with Dr. Castelo: Instagram, Youtube

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