#144: Using Breath to Heal Anxiety, Addictions and Much More with Samantha Skelly

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Reduce stress at a moment’s notice with aromatherapy and breathwork
  • Why breathwork is the #1 self-healing modality 
  • How breathwork can help with all types of addictions and anxiety
  • Cutting through your negative feedback loop with breath strategies 
  • Specific breath patterns to help you get started on your breathwork journey
  • The importance of feeling more in tune with your body to reduce fear

Episode Summary

What if I told you that you don’t have to live with your chronic stress and constantly being on your toes? You can reduce your stress at a moment’s notice when you have the right tools at your fingertips, and Samantha Skelly is living proof of that. 

A seven-figure entrepreneur, sought-after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coach, Samantha helps people breathe, feel and thrive with powerful breathwork techniques. Despite her own hesitancy to starting breathwork, it has changed Samantha’s life and helped her enhance her daily performance by opening up the door of healing possibilities. 

Samantha is here to help you utilize the power of your breath to clear emotions, release suppressed trauma and begin feeling your own unique essence. Instead of searching for answers from other people, Samantha believes that what you are looking for is already inside yourself. By getting in tune with your body through breathwork, you can find the power the exists within yourself. 

If you are curious about the innate power of breathwork or need help integrating it into your life, Samantha is the coach for you. Through connecting with your body, you can release your dependence on addictive substances, lower your anxiety and heal your body. 

How do you utilize the power of breathwork to create proactive responses to your daily stressors? Share how you relate to Samantha’s story in the comments below!


“I knew I needed to make a change after four years every single day fighting food, on and off the scale, my soul was like, you can’t live like this anymore.” (13:28)

 “When we utilize the power of breathwork, the body is doing the work for us, not the mind.” (17:29)

“Everyone and their body are so incredibly powerful, and the best teacher that we have is ourselves.” (18:34)

“There is so much work that can be done when we just pay attention to our feelings and we really feel them so that we can extract the lessons.” (22:52)

“The hardest part of meditation is bypassing the mind to get into the intuitive body, but when we can do that through breathwork, the rest becomes really easy.” (31:15)

“Start with 3 minutes, start with 1 minute, just start where you can.” (33:55)

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