Bonus Episode: Is the 14-Day Detox Right For You? (With 3 Powerful Success Stories)

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In This Episode:

Do you ever feel–deep in your bones–that you need to do something BIG to change the course of your health? 

Like you’re already doing so many things right, but you just can’t shake the stubborn belly fat, supersized thighs, mid-afternoon sugar cravings, zero energy days, pounding migraines, painful periods, or endless bloating? 

I was right there with you!

That’s why I created a special protocol that TOTALLY changed my life (and thousands of other women’s lives, too!). 

Catch today’s show to hear from THREE ROCKSTAR WOMEN who transformed their health with my 14-day detox protocol–and learn: 

  1. Why my detox protocol is different and how it works
  2. Whether it’s right for YOU 
  3. Detox success stories straight from my clients Spring, Candace, and Jan! 

Mentioned in This Episode

This episode is sponsored by Nutrisense 

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14-Day Detox KitEverything you need to clear out excess estrogen, reset your liver, and feel your absolute best in just 14 days. 

Liver Support Blend – Proven herbs and nutrients to heal your liver and help it function at a high level every day.

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