#343: What You Need to Know Before You Try a Detox + Your Questions Answered

In This Episode:

You’re tired of fighting sugar addictions, cravings, low energy, digestive issues, and brain fog. You know you need to detox, and you’ve tried so hard in the past to do so, but it’s just too complicated to fit into your lifestyle.

If you’re tired of trying detoxes that are hard and unsustainable…

The 14-Day Detox is my favorite program. Tune in today to hear…

  1. 5 important things I designed the Detox to do
  2. Why this Detox is different than other programs you’ve tried
  3. How the Detox program changed my life
  4. One thing about me that surprises people
  5. And more!

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Mentioned in This Episode

The 14-Day Detox

Bronze Detox Package

Silver Detox Package

Gold Detox Package

Magnesium Restore

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Join the 14-Day Hormone Detox

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