#521: How to Prioritize Meaningful Self-Care That Actually Moves the Needle with Taylor Elyse Morrison

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Episode Summary

With the wellness industry booming, especially in our post-pandemic world, we’ve been reminded time and time again how important self-care is. But how many of you actually take the time to prioritize yourself? It’s definitely easier said than done.

With all of our to-dos, places to be, and family to take care of, self-care sometimes ends up at the bottom of our list. And with that comes depleted confidence, lack of energy, mental fog, and ultimately mega burnout

Trust me, I’ve been there before. And I know so many of you have, too. We give and give only to realize we’re neglecting our own health and our own needs. 

We have to remember that in order to give our best selves to our family, friends, job– or insert whatever it may be for you here– we need to make sure we’re prioritizing ourselves. We have to put ourselves first to show up for others in the way that we want. 

So today, I’ve invited the incredible wellness coach Taylor Elyse Morrison on the show to make self-care so accessible for each of us. She provides tons of guidance so we can show up for the world in an even bigger and better way. 

We’ll dismiss myths about self-care, talk about the importance of mind, body, and heart, and teach you super quick and easy ways to prioritize yourself. Taylor’s figured out how to make self-care practical, and she can’t wait to share these tips with you. 

Join Taylor and me today in this podcast to start tackling your own beliefs around self-care, and level up your self-care to put your needs first. Taylor has created a life she loves by committing to self-care, and she inspires so many people– especially women– to be better themselves through simple, practical self-care rituals. 

It’s time to feel less stressed and less burnt out. It’s time to listen to your body and prioritize yourself. It’s time to take even 5 minutes out of your day to commit to yourself, so you can show up as your very best. 

Taylor’s tips will help you move the needle toward an incredible life of self-love and self-care. Plus, her new book Inner Workout dives even deeper into easy-to-implement self-care tricks you’ll be eager to try out. 

This is an episode you won’t want to miss, so tune in now to put your health- and yourself– first!


Taylor Elyse Morrison is an author and wellness coach who makes well-being and personal development more accessible to everyone. She recently was named one of Fortune’s 10 innovators shaping the future of health. She is firmly convinced of every human’s potential. That’s why she made a career out of it– supporting people to know, care for, and  become their best selves. 

She owns the company Inner Workout and released a book titled Inner Workout just last month. Whether she’s leading a company workshop or she’s talking about TikTok and body image with high schoolers, she uses her coaching, mindfulness, and movement training to meet people where they are. And she helps them take steps forward to creating a world free of burnout. 


“Self-care is listening within and responding in the most loving way possible”

“I think what is most important is that you are noticing when it feels like you have energy and you have the opportunity.”

“I’m focusing right now a lot on bringing you back into your body. Because what I find is that once you’re back in your body, all of a sudden you have more awareness on the other aspects of you as well.”

“But the name of the game is 1–communication of what you need and then 2–a willingness to receive what you need.”

In This Episode

  1. Benefits of journaling for self-care 
  2. What lead Taylor to her journey of self-care
  3. How self-care isn’t one size fits all 
  4. Why do people still struggle with self-care even with a booming wellness industry? 
  5. Debunking 2 of the biggest myths around self-care 
  6. How to easily make time for self-care 
  7. Quick techniques for reconnecting with our bodies 
  8. The importance of community care
  9. Practicing self-care when responsible for caring for others 
  10. How to fall back on a self-care toolkit

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Mariza’s Daily Self-Care Journal 

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