#522: Are You Stress Eating? 5 Effective Strategies to Stop Stress Induced Cravings

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In This Episode:

Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen WAY after dinner – ravenously craving chocolate or some other sugary morsel like there’s no tomorrow? 

Stress-eating is no joke.  

And whether you’re late-night snacker, overeater, or constant grazer, it could be taking a toll on your metabolic and overall health.  

Catch today’s podcast to find out why this keeps happening and how to strike a balance without sacrificing the pleasure of a good meal–and learn:

  1. What stress-eating is and how it shows up
  2. Warning signs that you’re stress-eating
  3. The most common causes to beware of 
  4. 5 tips to get your stress-eating under control 
  5. BONUS: My personal go-to recommendation 

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