#525: How To Cultivate More Joy and How Joy Can Liberate Us And Create a Deeper Sense Of Belonging and Connection with Dr. Tanmeet Sethi

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Episode Summary

Life moves fast. You and I both know it. So we have to take advantage of every single day we’ve got. Something that I’ve committed to this year is to cultivate joy every day– in even the littlest moments. 

But sometimes our past or current situations make us feel very little joy. At certain times we may even feel like we don’t deserve joy. You’re not alone in feeling this way. But it’s a mindset that we need to change.

Joy is a fundamental human right that’s available to all of us at any time to claim. And that’s what doctor, mother, and activist Dr. Tanmeet Sethi is here to discuss today. If you’ve ever thought joy was elusive, Dr. Tanmeet will help you rewrite that story and offer ways to find more joy in your life. Because you simply DO deserve it!

I’ve found that over the past few years, my desire to feel more joy has expanded. And I’m sure you may feel the same way. I’ve been seeking amazing experts to dive deeper into the power of joy and why joy is our birthright. Dr. Tanmeet shares in this podcast tools we can use to find our own joy. And how it can be life-changing. 

This is a conversation we need to be having right now because so many people are not cultivating joy or are just lost without joy. 

Dr. Tanmeet recently published a book called Joy Is My Justice, which is jam-packed with techniques we can implement into our daily lives to create more joy. She explains that no matter what we’re dealing with in our lives, we deserve to experience joy as a revolutionary act. Joy is AVAILABLE to each of us here and now. And each of us can find ways to access it for ourselves. 

For me, joy is being in moments of awe and wonder. And I want as many moments of awe and wonder as possible. Everyone has a different perception of what their own joy is. So check out this episode to unlock the tools to find your version of joy. 

You won’t want to miss the mood-boosting and transformative tools that you’ll learn about in this podcast. Join Dr. Tanmeet with me today so you can create pure joy in your every day. 

Plus, we’ll give you the details on a bonus giveaway – so you can enter to win a FREE COPY of Dr. Tanmeet’s book– Joy Is My Justice. 


Dr. Tanmeet Sethi is an author, doctor, mother, and activist who has devoted her career to caring for the most vulnerable populations. She’s a board-certified integrative and psychedelic medicine physician, and she teaches physicians how to care for communities in the most humane and skillful way possible. She’s spent the last 25 years on the front lines of practicing primary care, global trauma, and community activism. 

Her brilliant and powerful new book– Joy is My Justice– explores how joy is a revolutionary healing practice and that it’s a human right accessible to all. She lectures globally and has spoken on 2 TEDx stages. 


“They call me an integrative primary care physician, but really what I’m doing is navigating spiritual disconnection and a loss of meaning and joy for my patients. And that comes out in all their physical symptoms and chronic diseases.” 

“One of my main ground rules is I deserve and choose joy. And I have to remind myself of that, that joy is innate. It’s my human right.”

“Joy is inside our body in those spontaneous wondrous moments. And no one can take it away.”

“When you look at the vast amount of science around resilience, the fact is that it’s not a way to come back to normal, but a way to walk forward as a new person– cellularly and spiritually.” 

“Self-compassion is really this way of creating safety, creating connection, turning off threats in your body. And a way of saying, even when the world has not given me what I need or nurtured myself the way I deserve to be nurtured, I can love myself and accept myself in a way that allows me to still step back into this world.”

In This Episode

  1. About Dr. Tanmeet and her work as an integrative physician 
  2. The importance behind the phrase “Why not us?” 
  3. The difference between joy and happiness 
  4. Leveraging the power of gratitude 
  5. Why everyone deserves joy 
  6. The science behind how movement creates more joy 
  7. The modern meaning of resilience 
  8. Understanding self-compassion 
  9. Tools to encompass joy from Dr. Tanmeet’s Book– Joy is My Justice
  10.  *BONUS* – Dr. Tanmeet’s book giveaway opportunity!

Resources Mentioned

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Dr. Tanmeet’s Website 

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Dr. Tanmeet Sethi’s Instagram

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