#530: The Critical Role That Nutrient Deficiencies Play In Fertility and Conception And How To Close The Gap with Lisa Dreher

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Episode Summary

Most of us know someone who has struggled to get pregnant, or it may even be you. And this feeling can be devastating. 

The World Health Organization recently announced that around 17.5% of the adult population– that’s 1 in 6 people worldwide– struggle with infertility. 

Growing up, the emphasis on pregnancy was that it could happen at any time, so don’t let it happen until you’re ready. 

But this crucial moment in life needs planning to have the best possible outcome. One of the most important aspects of fertility and preparing to conceive is ensuring your body has the right nutrients for egg and sperm quality. 

And this isn’t just for the sake of fertility– but for our health regarding our hormone balance and menstrual cycle health. 

Since so many women are navigating fertility journeys right now, I invited registered nutritionist Lisa Dreher here to share her research on what our bodies really need to support fertility and conception. 

Lisa Dreher is the nutritional director at WeNatal– a next-generation prenatal supplement company designed for men AND women. These supplements support brain development in babies, and they optimize the health of parents before, during, and after pregnancies.

WeNatal also offers a manifestation journal, free nutrition consults, and a Facebook group. They provide free educational content– like a preconception guide– to help people understand the importance of this time in their lives, and how much quality matters. 

Getting pregnant and giving birth is a beautiful journey for couples. 

So why not give yourself all the tools possible to create the healthiest environment to reduce any pregnancy risks or chances of infertility

If you’re ever planning to get pregnant, this podcast is for you. 

Supporting yourself throughout pregnancy is about giving your body what it needs to thrive. So our goal in this episode is to equip you with everything you need regarding supplementation to create your perfect baby with ease and grace. 

Listen now to gain all the insight from Lisa about the nutrients and supplements best for prenatal health. And if you know someone who’s trying to get pregnant, send them this podcast so they can learn the tips for success as well! 


Lisa Dreher is a registered dietitian who earned a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, followed by an internship at Cornell University. She started her career in acute care and pediatric gastroenterology in Rochester, NY while getting her Master’s in Nutrition and Integrative Health. 

In 2015, Lisa transitioned to the field of functional medicine and began working at Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. Lisa is now also the Nutrition Director at WeNatal, a prenatal supplement company with science-backed formulas for both women and men. 


“We need to do everything we can leading up to that point to make sure that the man has the strongest, healthiest sperm possible and that the eggs are as healthy as they can be as well.”

“Insulin resistance is a major player for polycystic ovarian syndrome, which affects about a little over 5 million women. It’s definitely one of the biggest causes of infertility in women as well.”

“Think about afterward. I mean, the lower the levels of vitamin D, the higher risk of postpartum depression, and all these other things that could affect you and the baby once the baby is born. So it’s going to help before, during, and after pregnancy.”

“At least half of those people– couples who are struggling with miscarriage or infertility – it’s due to male factors. The women issues are not what is fully driving that 100% of the time.”

“Kids have lower levels of asthma and allergic conditions when their mom has had higher omega three, especially DHA levels”

In This Episode

  1. Supporting women and men throughout conception, specifically with targeted prenatal supplementation
  2. Why is a nutrient-dense diet so important for fertility?
  3. Optimal nutrition during the menstrual cycle stages 
  4. The link between blood sugar regulation and fertility conception 
  5. Best nutrients and key supplements to incorporate for fertility 
  6. What men should consider important about their health during preconception 
  7. How do micronutrient deficiencies negatively impact fertility? 
  8. All that WeNatal has to offer for fertility health – for men and women!

Resources Mentioned

Try WeNatal Today! 

“**Get a free travel container with any WeNatal subscription!

USE CODE: DRMARIZA on the WeNatal Website at checkout, or follow the above link! 

WeNatal.com Homepage | The Couples Guide To Concieving- Free Guide!
Lisa’s Instagram | UltraWellness Center

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