#529: What Is the Link Between Sugar and Hot Flashes?

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In This Episode:

It’s no surprise that over 85% of women in the US will experience disruptive hot flashes and night sweats… 

Our culture and even previous generations of women tell us that hot flashes are a “normal” part of the transition to menopause, but they could actually be an indication that something else is wrong.

And there absolutely IS a better way.

Catch today’s podcast to hear BREAKING RESEARCH that links blood sugar to hot flashes and what you can do to reduce (or eliminate) your symptoms–and learn:  

  1. What your hot flashes might really be telling you
  2. The link between flashes, blood sugar, and insulin resistance 
  3. Why we see a rise in hot flashes in women with metabolic dysfunction
  4. How the brain is involved in regulating hot flashes
  5. Tips to get relief from hot flashes FAST 

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