#563: How to Use Breathwork Daily to Ease Stress, Anxiety and Trauma with Samantha Skelly

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We all have the ability to regulate our entire nervous system with just one thing… our breath. 

Yes, your BREATH alone can be the drug your body needs to create huge transformations. 

Breathwork expert Samantha Skelly joins me today to dive deep into how breathwork has saved her a few times, and why it’s so important to teach the world to BREATHE. 

Her App Pause Breathwork is designed to open your body up to more energy in a trauma-informed way to quickly relieve anxiety and stress. 

Breathwork has been a total game-changer for Sam and me. Now, it can be life-changing for YOU too when you have the right tools. 

Join us in this podcast today to learn all about how simply breathing can completely enhance your life. Check it out here! 

Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an award-winning speaker, author, entrepreneur & podcaster, who’s been called a “lightning bolt for the soul”. For the last 6 years, she’s been the most booked breathwork speaker worldwide. She’s hired to transform and create personalized and powerful talk for audiences to reference for years to come.


  1. How Sam got into the business of breathwork 
  2. Regulating one of your most important body systems 
  3. Getting started with breathwork practices 
  4. How 3 minutes a day can shift how you show up in the world 
  5. Using a breathwork facilitator to your advantage
  6. Breathwork vs. meditation and how they’re different
  7. All about Sam’s App: Pause Breathwork 


Sam’s Website

Pause Breathwork 

Download the App Here!

Listen to Sam’s Podcast: Can’t Be Contained 

Sam’s Instagram


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