ClaryCalmⓇ Monthly Blend for Women: Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Dealing with heightened emotions on top of our monthly menstrual cycle enough to make any woman crave a panacea.  

While there isn’t a miracle cure, ClaryCalm Monthly Blend for Women was specially formulated to support fluctuating moods and soothe challenging emotions.  With a base of Clary Sage, commonly touted as “the best oil for the worst time of the month,” ClaryCalm goes beyond one segment of the month by delivering a synergistic blend of soothing and calming to your body during those times when you need a little extra balance and sanity.  When life deals you all you can take, don’t leave yourself seeing red when you can roll on the comfort of ClaryCalm, cool down, and continue on with your day, warrior woman!


With its floral and herbaceous scent profile, ClaryCalm aromatherapeautically calms the body and mind as soon as you twist off the cap.  If you were ever looking for a combination of all of the best calming oils to nix those emotional spikes, look no further than this amazing blend.  Just listen to this list of our ultimate EOs for soothing the mind and relaxing the mood: Clary Sage, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, and Geranium.  But that’s not all!  Bergamot adds a special power punch as it helps to soothe emotions and mood while still giving you the energizing punch that your mind craves, while the rest of the carefully selected oils each offer their own specific benefits to this must-have blend.  Fennel tops the list of oils to use for digestive discomfort, which can often seize up when we have ourselves stressed to the max, while Carrot Seed, Palmarose, and Vitex are all oils that help to balance unruly hormones and support a woman’s body when she needs it the most.


For self-care that hits you at the core, begin using ClaryCalm on a daily basis to ease those emotional rollercoaster moments.  I recommend adding it to your morning self-care routine to start the day with balance and using it again in the evening to calm your body in preparation for a restful night’s sleep.  Roll it on your FEW spots – Feet, behind the Ears, and on your Wrists – where you would find your pulse, as the pores tend to be larger or the skin thinner to allow for quicker absorption.  

Then employ some deep breathing to help the constituents get directly into the brain for instantaneous results. This will give you a double-benefit of aromatherapy while the oils behind to circulate through the body.  You can eventually ease off on the double application as you learn to manage stress and practice deep breathing to calm the mind and body, though you might find having ClaryCalm in your purse at-the-ready throughout the day can help you to ward off emotional imbalance or ease your body during, particularly tense or hot moments.


You know those times when you experience a hot flush?  When the tension of the day triggers a moment of heat that you cannot seem to escape?  Bring on the ClaryCalm, girl!  Simply apply behind the ears or on the back of the neck and practice your deep breathing.  It will not only give you a cooling focal point on which to center your energy but will also keep you from panicking over getting flushed in the middle of your day.


Another huge benefit of ClaryCalm is the relief that it can provide to your abdomen to relax your muscles throughout your period. Simply roll ClaryCalm over your abdomen for cooling relief that will soothe muscle contractions and keep you relaxed.  Gently rubbing in the oil in small circular motions will massage those tense muscles. I also recommend applying a warm, wet compress to the area, which will help to drive the oils in deeper and also give extra added relief to abdominal tension.  How about a secret trick? For those of you who get back cramps, roll ClaryCalm right in the eye of the storm and practice the same massage-compress technique for immediate relief!


Even though the blend comes in a ready-to-use rollerball bottle, you can still use it in your diffuser during a part of your self-care routine.  Take an Epsom salt bath at night and put a few drops of ClaryCalm in your diffuser.  You can also swirl it into the bathwater to allow your body to get the benefit of both magnesium from the salts and the relaxing power of this synergistic blend.  Any time life threatens to knock you off balance, roll into some ClaryCalm for relief and relaxation!

It may not be a miracle cure, but it comes close when emotions refuse to cooperate.  ClaryCalmcan support the body through any time that adds emotional unrest and keeps you well-balanced and ready to take on life.  I recommend practicing daily self-care to ensure your body is nourished well, stress is managed, and sleep is supported.  Adding ClaryCalm to your arsenal is a great way to support your mind and body through the ups and downs of life.


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