#10: Environmental Chemicals & Hormones: What Every Woman Needs To Know with Lara Adler




What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • The implications of chemicals and toxins on our health
  • A list of chronic health issues that can come from out of whack hormones
  • How endocrine disruptors are the culprit of many of today’s weight issues
  • Simple changes that can have the biggest impact on reducing and removing toxins from your body
  • Steps to quicken the process of toxin elimination
  • What you should consume to fight off toxins and what you should avoid to eliminate toxins


Episode Summary:

Most of us are aware of at least some the toxins in our daily lives, but do you know the chronic illnesses that are associated with them? These toxins are in the things we eat, drink, touch, and they’re slowly killing us. Today’s guest drops some important knowledge on how these toxins get into our bodies, what they’re doing to us, and most importantly, how we can eliminate them.

Lara Adler is an environmental toxins expert, educator, and certified holistic health coach who has made it her life’s work to help both health practitioners and everyday people to increase their understanding and fluency around the most important issues regarding chemicals in our homes and our bodies. Even though this topic can be scary, it is extremely important that it’s discussed and what actionable steps are created, which thankfully for us, Lara shares in today’s episode.

We dive into what we should be consuming to help fight these toxins and what we should be avoiding, how we can eliminate the toxins that are currently in our systems, and how certain chemicals are directly linked to damaging our endocrine system and how we can fix it. This is an eye-opening episode that we all need to hear!

What do you do to fight the toxins in your system? What do you avoid to help decrease your exposure to those toxins? How have those things helped or hindered your health? Let us know in the comments!



“In the United States, there are about 84,000 chemicals that are registered for use in this country. Not all of them are actively being used but that’s how many are registered. And, the vast majority of those chemicals have never been adequately tested for safety.” (6:30)

“We have to also turn our attention to the products that we are using and what we’re possibly being exposed to at home and all the places that we can actively address in our lives and start paying attention to that.” (16:34)

“If we give our body that chance, it can actually eliminate a lot of these chemicals on its own. But, the emphasis is on ‘if we give it the chance.” (24:42)

“When we marry or couple these avoidance behaviors with really focusing in on supporting our detoxification pathways through good nutrition and lifestyle practices like sweating and sleeping…then we can have a far more pronounced impact on our ability to address the toxins we are exposed to and it doesn’t have to be hard.” (33:26)


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