5 Simple Manifestation Hacks to Totally Transform Your Life

You’re probably at least a little familiar with the concept of manifestation—and how you can use it to attract more of what you want (and less of what you don’t!) into your life. But the 5 hacks I’m about to share are exclusive to my approach and have worked for me countless times. 

I know they can work for you, too!

Because let’s face it. We’ve all felt stuck before.

Maybe you’ve struggled with a chronic illness or disease. 

Or maybe you have an endless battle with your weight. 

Maybe it’s your lifestyle, your job, or a toxic relationship. 

Whatever it is or was, think about the feelings you tie to this difficult time. 

Sometimes it feels like there’s no way out. 

We get so lost in self-deprecation—the “I’m not good enough” mindset—that we can’t even picture our goals anymore. But it’s times like these when we need our goals to be clear in our vision more than ever. 

If you’re in a situation or stage of life where you feel like your dreams are drifting beyond reach, I’m here to tell you: 

It’s NEVER too late. 

(read that again!) 

Because the difference between making your dreams come true and just letting them stay dreams forever all boils down to one thing…

Your mindset. 

You see…

If you don’t believe you can heal, do you think you ever will?

Getting into the right frame of mind is the KEY to unlocking unlimited possibilities in your life. 

Let’s practice some manifestation together: 

Just for a minute– imagine your future self—doing exactly what “she would” in the life of “her dreams”. 

Seriously, with no doubts, reservations, or “impossibles”. 

Envision yourself living each day (or just a specific scenario) in your perfect life…

How is your energy when you’re feeling your healthiest?

Who are you surrounded by and how are they treating you? 

What are you doing when you’re working your dream job?

What emotions do you feel when you envision yourself living your dream life? 

Think through these questions, and picture the NEW YOU living in this ideal way. 

Manifestation like this has seriously been what has led me to accomplish ALL my goals. So I KNOW with the same mindset, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to as well.

And today, I’m going to share a few of my TOP manifestation hacks with you– so you can learn how to easily (and radically) transform your life. 

I want to give you full confidence that these simple manifestation hacks have worked for me EVERY TIME in a multitude of ways. 

I’ve used these tools to: 

  • Heal my body from countless health issues 
  • Overcome autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, and most recently, a traumatic (and career-threatening) brain injury 
  • Become a doctor and 8x bestselling author
  • Launch a successful supplement business 
  • Start and grow a family 

All of these wins in my life are rooted in this simple process. 

My hope is that it will become your compass to a new YOU. 

And it’s easy to get started with the following 5 manifestation hacks. 

Let’s jump in. 

How My Manifestation Hacks Have Transformed MY Life

Have you ever been going through the motions but thought to yourself– “there has to be more out there for me”?

I’ve certainly felt like this. And I knew I needed to do whatever it took to get out of my ruts and finally start chasing the dreams I knew I deserved.

After diving into personal development books and putting in the work, I discovered the ultimate secret to success… Manifestation

Manifesting is the ability to attract success in your life through positive thinking. 

In my lowest of lows– dealing with multiple chronic health complications, struggling to start my business, worrying about having a healthy pregnancy– I still kept the vision of my future in mind.

I envisioned myself healthy, vibrant, and firing on all cylinders.

I envisioned a booming business, with my books published and myself reveling in success. 

And I envisioned my sweet baby and my husband, healthy and happy as a family. 

Trust me, there were days when I felt like I didn’t want to believe in any of these visions. Things get hard.

But even if my belief would slip, doubts would arise, or imposter syndrome would sneak in… I did my best to stay the course. 

And I managed to come back to envisioning the best version of myself at the end of it all. 

I attribute my success to my dedication to my vision. 

I knew something would eventually come of my dreaming– my envisioning and manifesting. And I knew I was keeping doors open for new opportunities. 

I wrote out my goals, and I pictured myself already reaching them.

I envisioned every moment of my day living as this dream version of myself. 

And I can confidently say that my dreams have come true, and then some! 

When you anchor into the feelings of already being your dream future-self, you can take inspired action every day– whether you realize it or not. 

The 5 hacks below have allowed me to KNOW I would get to the other side.

And as you’ll soon discover, they work!

My Top 5 Manifestation Hacks 

The best part about these simple manifestation hacks is that you can start using them to Step into Your Future Epic Health (and self) TODAY.

Get ready!  

Manifestation Hack #1: Assign Emotions to Your Goals 

We’ve all set goals before… 

Things like New Year’s resolutions, weight loss goals, career goals—you name it! . 

But how often are you attaching feelings to them? 

I know what that sounds like, but this is a crucial step that helps you tune your body chemistry into the chemistry of the future you. And since our emotions are linked to health and life outcomes, you can see how tapping into these feelings when creating a goal can help make it more real.

For example, just saying, “I’m going to be a successful author” just falls flat—especially if you don’t really believe what you’re saying.

But feeling deeply into it creates a powerful cascade of emotions, and ultimately, aligns your mind and body with said goal—bringing you ever closer to your new reality. 

I’ll walk you through this process step-by-step in my new course. 

Manifestation Hack #2: Leverage the Power of Affirmations 

Do you remember the Little Engine that Could?

It’s a really basic (and cute!) example of saying something you believe is true until it actually becomes reality—even when the deck is stacked against you. 

The truth is, we ALL have our own self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and blocks holding us back from what we really want. 

You might say, “I am healthy” — but your body is telling you a different story. Keeping you stuck in an endless cycle of suffering where you’re unable to ever believe what you’re saying.

Positive affirmations are the secret sauce to conquering those beliefs and blocks—so you can begin to align mind, body, and soul to your desired outcome. 

And although you and I are always so quick to celebrate our friends’ wins, high-five our spouses when they reach their goals, or throw a party for a loved one when they accomplish something big or small

We often don’t do the same for ourselves.

Creating affirmations gives you the chance to celebrate your future epic health and self in the now—reminding you how incredible and capable you truly are AND leading you toward your goals MUCH FASTER.

Manifestation Hack #3: Developing a Daily Gratitude Practice 

This is where the juice is really worth the squeeze. 

Gratitude is the best thing you can do every day to heal your mindset and improve your health. 

There’s serious power in a daily gratitude practice. When you write down or say what you’re grateful for each day, you’re putting positive energy out there– making space for positive energy to flow back to you.

Not only that, but as you begin to really feel the emotions of gratitude—and tie them into whatever you’re thankful for, you’ll start spiraling toward (and amplifying) that feeling throughout your day. 

I can confirm from both personal experience and from the stories of thousands of women that I’ve worked with…

It’s close to impossible to feel down on yourself when you’re in gratitude. 

So the more you recognize what you do have, and express what brings you joy, the more abundant that joy becomes in your life. 

Manifestation Hack #4: Employ the 3-Step Choose Again Method 

Out of all of my top manifestation hacks, this one can really move the needle the most when done right. When I first discovered the 3-Step Choose Again Method, I doubted it because that was my old natural state of being. 

“If it didn’t work right away, it probably didn’t work.” 

But something shifted in me when I started seeing EPIC results. 

I realized this was exactly what I needed to overcome all the doubts I was holding onto all these years. The basic premise is that you use your energy to create your own reality. 

I dive much deeper into this hack in my new course HERE

For now, here’s a brief overview:

  1. When you’re stuck in a thought of negativity, doubt, or fear– first recognize this thought in your mind.
  2. Next, forgive yourself for thinking this thought and celebrate yourself for recognizing that you’re shifting your mindset back to the positive.
  3. Third, choose again. Create a different thought to take the place of the negative, and focus on the positive feelings that come with it. 

This method helps you minimize the thoughts in your mind that bring you down, speak poorly to yourself, or create doubts. There’s no room in our self-improvement journey for negative self-talk!

Manifestation Hack #5: Visualize Your Future Epic Health with Guided Meditation

Meditation can be an off-putting word for many of us. 

That’s because just the thought of meditating can be overwhelming. Not only does it sound hard or unrealistic, but how are we supposed to fit into our already insane schedules? 

I want to urge you to reconsider your relationship with meditation today. 

This is the final piece of the puzzle if you want to effortlessly step into your future epic health and life. With a little practice and less than 15 minutes per day, you can learn how to access your most authentic self—and reprogram the way you think, feel, act, and live! 

Which in turn, gets you into the flow state (aka the zone) and makes it easier and easier to attract your desired health and life. 

And in my new course…

I created a VERY specific meditation to help you achieve this!  

Just a few benefits of doing this mediation daily include: 

  • Spiraling toward your goals 
  • Epic sense of focus and concentration
  • Renewed sense of clarity and optimism
  • Fewer obstacles and less stress, doubt, and worry
  • Feelings of bliss and being unlimited 
  • Cultivating more joy and compassion 
  • And ultimately, improving your health (and life!)

You can learn more about this meditation HERE


Here’s one of my bonus manifestation hacks for you! 

I love the “Time Machine” process (which I learned from the AMAZING Mary Morrisey at her Dream Builder event) because it can be SO powerful for creating your vision of your future epic health. 

This is one of the ultimate hacks that led me to my dream life. 

Here’s how this manifestation hack works: 

  • Tell a partner, for example, “3 years from now…” how things are as if it’s already happened or happening. 
  • Speaking in the present tense makes our goals become more of a reality. 
  • You could say something like:  “Oh my goodness, my health is so perfect — I’m giving my energy away!” 
  • Ultimately, you’ll record a voice note of your future self vividly describing this future you moment to someone as if it is happening right now. 

The intention of this process is for you to listen to yourself speaking in the present tense, having already met your goals—every single day until you actually achieve them!

Manifest Your Dream Life With my NEW Step Into Your Future Epic Health Course!

All 5 of these manifestation hacks will be covered in much deeper detail in my new course, Step Into Your Future Epic Self. The course includes a powerful step-by-step workbook to give you the healthy vision blueprint you need to make your dreams your reality.

Ready to get clear on how you want to feel at this stage of your life, and beyond?

My new Step Into Your Future Epic Health Course can help. 

It’s unlike any other program I’ve released before. 

With easy-to-follow and practical proven steps, you can expect better energy, a stronger body, or freedom from unwanted symptoms. 

And I’m not just talking about temporary relief…

I’m talking about a lifetime of joy, good health, and abundance

I’ll show you how to dissolve limiting beliefs and unpack whatever’s been holding you back—so you can literally step into your future epic health NOW.

No dream is too big! I’ve created the life I love with this exact process, so now I’m ready to help you do just the same. 

There’s no better way to step into the New Year than this. 

Join me in the Step Into Your Future Epic Health course and let’s change ourselves for the better—together! 


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