Natural Solutions for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is not primarily a hormonal problem. If you haven’t read my blog, The Truth Behind Your Endometriosis Diagnosis, check it out!

That’s right. Once again, conventional medicine and the media are telling us that we need drugs that mess with our hormones when that is not really the root of what is going on.

I want to empower you today with some tools that will help to relieve your symptoms and treat your condition for what it really is, rather than just trying to mask it.

The natural treatments I am going to share with you today work because they deal with the root causes of endometriosis: immune dysfunction and inflammation.

Let me just say, however, while I am always an advocate for natural treatments, there are times where surgery or other interventions are necessary. Don’t feel guilty if that is your need! Only you and your trusted healthcare providers can make that decision together.

You need to find your path to wellness, and that is going to look different than anyone else’s. What’s important is that you understand what is going on in your body, and what you have the power to control. My hope is that these tools will help you get there!


Conventional medicine still treats endometriosis as primarily a hormonal problem, not an immune issue. (1) Hormonal suppression by the pill, drugs, or an IUD is probably the first option your doctor will present to you. However, there is no clear evidence that hormonal suppression is effective in treating endometriosis. (2) Sure, it may mask your symptoms and you may find temporary relief, but it is not a good sustainable, long-term treatment option.


Food is medicine. What you put in your body has the potential to heal or hurt your overall health. Since gut inflammation leading to bacteria escaping from your intestines can contribute to the progression of endometriosis; and maybe even cause it – it is super important to watch what you eat and care for your gut. (3)

Dairy and gluten are the heavy-hitters in the inflammatory food ring. Both dairy and gluten can disrupt your immune function, so it is best to avoid them if you have endometriosis. When you eat gluten, it often causes a leaky gut, which allows bacteria to leave the confinement of your intestines and travel to other parts of your body. (4) This can contribute to the spread of your endometriosis.

In one study, 75% of women reported improved symptoms when they stuck to a strict gluten-free diet. (5)

The proteins in dairy stimulate your body to make even more inflammatory materials, so this can make your pain worse, as well. (6) Especially if you are still healing and working towards making your diet a gluten-free situation, dairy can aggravate your still-healing gut.

Other people report that cutting out eggs, grains, and sugar from their diet improved their endometriosis symptoms. Once again, your body is different from everyone else’s. You need to find what makes you feel good and stick to that.

If this overwhelms you, start by totally removing dairy and/or gluten for a few months; and see if your symptoms improve. Part 3 of my best-selling book The Essential Oils Hormone Solution offers a fantastic meal plan that can take the guesswork out of finding anti-inflammatory foods!


Supplements are a great solution to fill in some gaps in your health and give specific systems a boost. Certain nutrients can fight back against inflammation and support healthy immunity to inhibit the spread of endometriosis and bring you relief from your pain and symptoms.

Here are a few suggestions for supplements that can help alleviate your symptoms and help your body heal:

  • Berberine is a plant-derived supplement that can cut inflammation in your body. Leaky gut is one source of inflammation that activates your immune system and can make your endometriosis worse. Berberine can repair your intestine walls to keep the extra substances from escaping to other areas in your body. (7) One of the things that often escapes from your intestines is a bacteria strain that releases toxins. This can contribute to your endometriosis symptoms. Berberine can neutralize these toxins to keep your endometriosis from spreading. (8)
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a natural anti-inflammatory amino acid supplement that has many positive effects for your health. In dealing with endometriosis, NAC can help your body detox (9), improve fertility (10), balance your blood sugar (11), and restore proper immune function. (12) All of these benefits can help treat the root causes behind your endometriosis rather than masking the symptoms. In a recent clinical trial, over 50% of women reported a total disappearance of their lesions, improved symptoms, or even a pregnancy. (13) That makes it more effective than the hormone therapies, without the damaging side-effects! NAC is a key ingredient in my Liver Support Blend, along with many of these other key antioxidants and nutrients—making it an easy, one-stop-shop anti-inflammation supplement to support your overall health AND help ease your endometriosis. Get it here! >>
  • Turmeric’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful tool for endometriosis sufferers. It can reduce the size and spreading of your lesions when you take it regularly! (14) You can find turmeric in capsule form, or you could even make your own with Turmeric essential oil!
  • Zinc’s anti-inflammatory properties can help repair your leaky gut and act as a natural pain reliever. (15)
  • Activated B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6, can reduce the inflammation in your body, balance your hormones, and keep your endometriosis from spreading. (17) Activated B Complete is designed to be easily put to use by your body so you get maximum benefit. Get it here! >>
  • Probiotics can help keep a healthy bacteria balance in your body. Since there is growing evidence that endometriosis could be caused by bacterial toxins, making sure your internal microbiome is healthy is a beneficial step in keeping your endometriosis in check. (18)
  • Natural Progesterone can help relieve your pain and keep endometriosis from spreading in your body. (19) If you and your doctor decide that hormone therapy is necessary to rebalance your system; this is a good alternative to the synthetic forms that are more common! I created Progest-Restore to be a safe, reliable option for women seeking immediate relief from their symptoms; as well as long-term support to prevent further issues. Get Progest-Restore here >>


Self-care is not selfish. It is so important to help you be your best! When you are stressed, your immune system is not able to function properly and inflammation in your body only increases. This can make your endometriosis worse!

Taking some time to relax is key.

Here are some ideas to have some focused self-care that not only refreshes you but also can help your body heal:

  • Massages can have powerful effects on your endometriosis symptoms and help relieve your pain. (20)
  • On the days leading up to your period, put your feet up and relax for 30 minutes with a heated castor oil pack. It can help cut down the inflammation and soothe your symptoms. (21) Apply 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon of castor oil to your abdomen and lay a heating pad over top to help alleviate your symptoms. (Read my blog with full instructions HERE.) Adding some of the best essential oils for endometriosis will make it pack even more of a punch for your health!
  • One of my favorite forms of self-care is an Epsom salt soak. Check out the recipe here for an endometriosis-specific formula that can help your body detox, relax, and feel better!


As toxins, inflammatory foods, and unstable hormones wreak havoc by causing inflammation in your body, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the changes that need to happen to make this change—and make it last.

That’s why I created an easy-to-follow, yet totally effective plan that you can use to give your body a reboot and bring fast and lasting relief to your symptoms, even with endometriosis! The 14-Day Detox leverages the power of nutrition, supplements, and self-care to fight back against the toxic inflammation that has accumulated in your body and safely and gently gets you back into balance.

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