#316: Three Daily Tools for Processing and Digesting Emotional Baggage with Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh

If You Want to Process Your Emotional Baggage Better, You Should:

  1. Become aware of your stress response state and reconnect with the cycle of nature
  2. Consider where toxins may be coming into your life in a broad sense
  3. Use breathwork to check in with yourself and measure what is going on in your body

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Episode Summary

We are seeing more and more medical doctors leaving the traditional medical space to get to the root cause of our health problems naturally. This is because our system of symptom-based management is not getting people the help that they need. Healing happens from within, and we all have the capacity to make that healing happen on our own terms.

Harnessing the Power of Ayurveda

Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh harnesses the power of Ayurveda, and other integrated medicine, to create a healthy modern life for her patients using simple, ancient practices. Ayurveda is the original healing science that does not play by the limitations set out by Western medicine. Dr. Kumar-Singh bridges the gap between Western and Eastern medicine to help others discover the healing wisdom within.

Where Are Your Toxins Coming From?

We have been programmed to think about toxins in a narrow way. But have you ever considered the broader toxins in your life that could be impacting your health? Lifestyle, career, environment, relationships, and diet can all play a role in how you are feeling and operating through life every day. 

This is why we need to broaden our perspective of the imbalances in our life and learn how to check in with ourselves to reclaim our healing power.

Ancient Practices for a Modern Life

Breathing is something we do every day, it’s free, and it can be done anywhere or anytime. Your breath is where the body and mind meet and can help pull you out of your stress response mode. 

By harnessing the power of your breath while also checking in with yourself through other Ayurveda practices, you can train your brain to realize there is safety in what you are doing. Dr. Kumar-Singh’s practices are so simple, take no time, and have their roots in ancient history while being adapted for your modern life.

Are you ready to embrace these simple, easy, free, and ancient practices to digest your emotional baggage better? Share your favorite recommendation with me in the comments below!


“I really like to think about it as sort of assessing on a daily basis, what I call course correction every day. And really looking at what is going on overall in your life and assessing how that is showing up for you in your body and your mind and your emotions.” (5:19)

“When I am talking about toxins from an Ayurvedic framework, it is about how everything in your life is affecting you and showing up for you.” (13:48)

“If we can learn to control our breath, or effect or change our breath, we can actually then also influence our stress response or our relaxation response, which then again comes with a whole cascade from there.” (18:03)

“The main focus of my work is really helping people to reclaim that healing power and that healing wisdom that they have within them.” (24:57)

“Every day, I am just blown away by Ayurveda and the wisdom that there is. It is the Mother of all healing; it’s the original healing science. Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, they all come from Ayurveda; they have their roots there.” (34:32)

In This Episode

  • Why Dr. Kumar-Singh referred back to the lessons of her childhood to find healing (6:09)
  • The three steps to processing and digesting emotional and physical toxins (11:50)
  • How breathwork can be used as an incredibly powerful and free stress reliever (16:00)
  • Tips for tapping into your inner female pilot light to become more aware of your body (23:38)
  • Simple and ancient things that you can do to change the game when it comes to your health (30:20)

Resources Mentioned

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