Root-Cause Approaches for PCOS

Not all PCOS is created equal.

Nothing drives me crazy like a doctor who treats all women the same. Your ideal hormone levels are unique. What a regular cycle looks like for you is unique. The combination of factors that is causing your symptoms is unique. A pill or a one-dimensional solution is not going to be the answer you need.

In my last post, I explained the four types of PCOS (click here to check it out if you missed it). They are:

1. Insulin resistant PCOS

2. Pill-induced PCOS

3. Inflammatory PCOS

4. Hidden PCOS

There is a lot of overlap between these types, and you may have a combination of these factors that is driving your symptoms.

That’s why it’s so important to be in tune with your body and regularly take stock of the things that aren’t working for you. Once you understand what is driving your body into chaos, here are some ways you can support your body based on what is behind your symptoms.

Here are some root-cause-specific ways to heal YOUR body once you’ve discovered what’s driving your PCOS:

1. Insulin Resistance

If this is behind your PCOS, keeping a balanced blood sugar is going to be vital to your healing. This will mean quitting all sugar (even limiting fruit sugar) and balancing your diet with healthy fats, green vegetables, and quality proteins. 

My 14-Day Detox program is designed to guide you step-by-step through resetting your insulin levels, as well as managing leptin and ghrelin that contribute to your body’s balance. The recipes included in The Essential Oils Menopause Solution are also a great starting point to improve insulin sensitivity!

Another tool for your toolbox is intermittent fasting. Spacing out your meals and going 12-16 hours between dinner and breakfast can increase your sensitivity to insulin, improve your energy, and reduce the effects of PCOS on your body.

Some supplements I love for supporting your body with insulin-resistant PCOS are curcumin (also Turmeric), Magnesium (click here for the one I recommend), zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, berberine, and choline. Each of these will help boost your metabolism, support your liver, and help keep your body in balance.

I also suggest my Metabolic Restore supplement blend as it combines many of these powerful ingredients in one convenient package. It is designed to help optimize blood sugar and insulin levels to help get these crucial hormones back in balance naturally and easily. Check it out here >>

Ultimately, you will also want to focus on showing your liver some love since that is where insulin metabolism happens. Insulin resistance is not only behind PCOS, but also contributes to a host of other health issues, so supporting your body in this way is a win-win!

2. Pill-Induced PCOS

If you suspect birth control is behind your PCOS, the place to start is with hormone tests. In particular, you will want to check your levels of luteinizing hormones and prolactin.

If your luteinizing hormone levels are elevated, peony and licorice herbs can help bring it back to normal. If prolactin is high, vitex (also known as chasteberry or chaste tree) is what I would recommend taking.

These herbs are powerful healing agents, but you should take them with caution. Don’t start them in your teen years or if you’ve only been off the pill for less than 4 months. If you are taking peony or vitex, don’t take them for more than 10 months in a row. If they are what your body needs to heal, they should work within 3-4 months.

Other helpful supplements would be activated B vitamins, magnesium, ashwagandha, and omega 3 fatty acids. My Hormone Balance blend is perfect for this situation as its powerful adaptogenic herbs and nutrients will help your body get back into balance naturally!

Ultimately your goal is to restart ovulation and balance your hormones, so combining these supplements with a hormone-healthy diet high in protein, fiber, and colorful veggies is the best way you can do that.

3. Inflammatory PCOS

When inflammation is causing your PCOS, ovulation is prevented by something triggering your body’s immune reaction. Often, this is stress, toxins in your environment, or inflammatory foods like gluten, sugar, and dairy.

Reducing your toxic load, switching out your home and personal care products for natural alternatives, and eliminating inflammatory trigger foods from your diet can get you well on your way to healing.

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils is packed full of recipes and ideas for switching out your cleaning and personal care products for hormone-healthy alternatives.

Replacing plastic food containers with glass or stainless steel is another simple way to cut down on the number of hormone-disrupting chemicals you encounter on a daily basis!

My 14-Day Detox is designed with this very thing in mind. Cutting inflammation is the key to hormone synergy! If you feel good while on the plan, make it a lifestyle. That’s essentially what I have had to do. Living by this plan has drastically improved how I feel and has cut down the inflammation in my body, allowing me to heal.

Looking at these things may be daunting, but if you are consistent, taking these natural steps to change your lifestyle can rebalance your body and help you reach your healing potential.

Supporting your gut and immune system are super important with inflammatory PCOS. Since most bodily inflammation stems from the gut and intestinal permeability, some supplements to help keep your gut health would be zinc, berberine, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Magnesium is also a great anti-inflammatory that can calm your body’s stress response.

I also carry an amazing Gut Restore supplement blend to help heal intestinal permeability, gut dysbiosis, and inflammation that is wrecking your digestion and causing deeper issues! Check it out here >>

4. Hidden PCOS

With hidden PCOS, the key is in finding what is lurking in your body that is causing your hormone chaos. The good news with this form is that it is typically a relatively quick turnaround once you start taking steps to heal!

For example, if it is too much-processed soy or artificial sweeteners disrupting your estrogen levels, just stop eating them and your body should rebalance. (Nobody should be eating artificial sweeteners anyway!)

If it is a zinc or iodine deficiency (particularly if you are a vegetarian or vegan), supplementation or intentional diet decisions to fill in the gaps may be your answer.

If thyroid disease is behind your PCOS, healing your thyroid should be your top priority. Thyroid testing will indicate if this is the case, so go to a functional practitioner and demand the full thyroid panel I outline here to get the answers you deserve. Loving up on your thyroid may just help turn around your PCOS too!

Each of these things may just be a tipping point that is throwing off your body’s homeostasis. Do a little digging, and you may be surprised how simple healing your body could be!


The key with all of these keys to healing is in this word: consistency.

Healing may not be easy, but it is worth it. YOU are worth it.

Love your body in a way that will help you thrive and you may see a reversal of your symptoms in as little as a few months. While it’s not going to be a one-stop-shop quick fix or a miracle pill, nurturing yourself and bringing your hormones back to balance is the most important thing you can do.

Do you want to continue thriving despite a PCOS diagnosis?

That is what you deserve.

Don’t let any hormone issues stand in your way.

There is hope.

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