#304: Naturally Recovering from PCOS Through Living a Clean Lifestyle + the First Step to Take in Reducing Toxins in the Body with Allison Evans

If You Want To Reduce Your Toxic Exposure, You Should:

  1. Make the switch to pesticide-free cleaning products
  2. Take small steps to remove toxic chemicals from other areas of your home
  3. Listen to your bodies signals and embrace the healing nature of real food

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Episode Summary

Are you struggling with not enough energy? One of the most significant indicators that something is off in your body is how much energy you have throughout the day. When looking at energy as a vital sign or an indicator, it is essential to know the root causes that could be throwing off your energy levels and natural remedies to fix these issues.

The Power of Pure With Allison Evans

Allison Evans was diagnosed with PCOS in high school and suffered chronic, mysterious pain through college. After years of seeing medical specialists and a laundry list of drugs, Allison was desperate for relief and turned to her Aunt Marilee in the Texas Hill Country. After two months at Marilee’s, eating only real food, using safe products, and staying in a healthy home, her life was transformed. Her ovarian cysts disappeared, and despite her diagnosis of Lyme disease due to toxic mold in her house, she can now live virtually symptom-free thanks to focusing on mental health and other detox treatments. Her story is a testament to the Power of Pure and her brand, Branch Basics.

Toss the Toxins

As a woman in the modern world, it is important to understand the impacts of toxic ingredients in our makeup, personal care products, food, and cleaning products. There is strong scientific evidence linking toxins in these products to an extensive list of symptoms and diseases. Removing pesticide-filled cleaning products from your home is an easy first step, and it can help you realize the medicinal healing power of food and clean living. You don’t have to buy super expensive products or do a bunch of therapies to make the switch, either. All it takes is a commitment to listen to your body and get back to basics, one small step at a time.

Getting Back to Basics

Environmental toxins take a huge toll on our gut, hormones, mitochondria, and more. This can impact our energy levels, aging, and hormonal imbalance. So, it is key to ensure that you are creating the safest space possible in your home. If you are looking for a place to start, swapping out your cleaning products can greatly impact your symptoms and risk of disease. 

By getting back to basics and tossing the toxins, you can get to a place of beautiful health just like Allison did for herself. Get ready to empower yourself with the knowledge necessary to regain your energy and feel like your best self.

Are you ready to take the steps and remove the harmful toxins in your home? Share what you loved most about Allison’s story with me in the comments below!


“Eight weeks of that, and I haven’t been on a drug since. I came out of that summer, and my eyes were opened, my body was strong; a year later, I went back to the fertility doctor, all of the cysts were gone, and I was able to get pregnant on the first try with both of my babies. It was really just a testimony to the Power of Pure and how tossing the toxins works!” (19:46)

“Sometimes people just have no idea the neurological damage and toxicity that is created in the home when we keep all of these pesticides.” (24:25)

“If you just start right here, you’re giving your entire household a liver cleanse, and you haven’t even changed your diet or done a juice detox or anything. Because people think in their heads, ‘I’m bringing these cleaning products into my home to create a safe environment for my family,’ and the irony is that they are some of the most toxic things in the home.”  (26:40)

“Sometimes we think, ‘Oh my gosh they got this bad rash or I have this awful headache,’ and I walk into the store like ‘Guys, that is our body talking to us saying stop!’ Something happened, and I breathed, or I ingested, or I absorbed something, and we need to figure it out.”  (37:01)

“Don’t believe everything that you are told. And believe in the body’s innate ability to heal.” (42:29)

In This Episode

  • How Allison alleviated her illness symptoms and hormonal imbalances through clean living (13:38)
  • Which lifestyle changes made the biggest difference in Allison’s healing journey (20:52)
  • The first place to start when looking to reduce the toxic load inside of your home (24:04)
  • Where you should not start and tips on specific toxins you should avoid at all costs (28:52)
  • Learn about the inception of Branch Basics and what sets them apart from the rest (32:50)

Resources Mentioned

Find Dr. Mariza’s Detox Masterclass Here

Join Dr. Mariza’s Fall 2021 14-Day Detox

Branch Basics Website – Use the code DRMARIZA for 15%

Follow Branch Basics on Instagram

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