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#150: You’ll Never Need Another Health-Related New Year’s Resolution Again with Andrea Marcellus

Are you sick of making health-related New Year’s resolutions only to be disappointed by your inability to change your habits? Andrea Marcellus knows that feeling all too well and is here today to show you a different way. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, Andrea works with her clients to create sustainable healthy habits with a unique set of actionable principles so that you can achieve success your way.

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#145: What Your Period Is Telling You About Your Hormones with Nicole Jardim

Just as abnormal blood pressure, respiratory rate or heart rate can be a key indicator of potentially serious health concerns, your menstrual cycle and patterns are an equally important vital sign to how your body is functioning. Nicole Jardim is a ‘period-fixer’ who is here to dive into the role of the endocrine system and the vital job of the menstrual cycle in our overall health.

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#143: How to Give Yourself Grace During Your Biggest Healing Struggles with Arielle Lorre

Arielle Lorre is the creator of The Blonde Files, a platform, podcast and online space that helps others become inspired by imperfection and understand what it really looks like to heal your body in today’s world. After Arielle’s unhealthy lifestyle took a toll and took her to her rock bottom including a PCOS and lymphocytic colitis diagnosis, she decided to make a drastic change and make the necessary lifestyle changes to support her body.

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