#150: You’ll Never Need Another Health-Related New Year’s Resolution Again with Andrea Marcellus

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Tuning in to your inner voice when making choices about your health
  • Methods to fast track your preference changes and get to your goal faster 
  • How you can get ahead in the fitness and wellness game
  • Why you should work out less and start to treat food like your best friend
  • The importance of focusing on daily habits and nutrition consistency

Episode Summary

Are you sick of making health-related New Year’s resolutions only to be disappointed by your inability to change your habits? Andrea Marcellus knows that feeling all too well and is here today to show you a different way. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, Andrea works with her clients to create sustainable healthy habits with a unique set of actionable principles so that you can achieve success your way. 

A fitness expert, lifestyle strategist, author and app creator, Andrea is an advocate for working out less and treating food as a friend. This episode is not about reinventing yourself. Instead, it’s about striving to be more body intuitive to help you find what your version of moderation is. Andrea wants you to dial in to what is working for you to maintain your achievements and build your confidence. 

Maintaining long-term health doesn’t have to be hard, and Andrea is the proof. You can lead a happier, healthier life once you get out of your own way and figure out what is right for you. It’s time to free yourself from the prison of your own self-judgment and spend your life on more important things. With Andrea’s help, you can set doable goals that you can actually achieve. The trick is to start identifying what is working for you and set yourself up for success. 

Are you ready to start creating sustainable healthy habits so that you never need another New Year’s resolution again? As we head into the new decade, share your mindset in the comments below!


“The mentality you are walking around with has more to do than anything with how you feel about yourself and whether or not you will get the outside that matches the strong capable person I know you are on the inside.” (10:27)

“Common sense tweaks to the life you actually live to get you on a path towards fitness, where if you just keep walking in this direction you can’t not get there, you will get there.” (14:40)

“What I like to do is get the bar to somewhere where we can be consistent. Because consistency is what wins the fitness game, consistency in what works for you.” (24:15)

“Find a way to be more moderate and more consistent with your workouts, lower the bar, make it attainable every day, make your goals attainable every day, and you will see, you never need a resolution again.” (27:43)

“Giving yourself a baseline and trying a bunch of things out according to a process and a method that easily fits into the schedule that you live is how you start, and that will get you there.” (40:32)

Resources Mentioned

The Weigh Way In by Andrea Marcellus

And/Life Workout App

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2 Responses to #150: You’ll Never Need Another Health-Related New Year’s Resolution Again with Andrea Marcellus

  1. Dooley Candice February 25, 2020 at 11:49 am #

    OMG!! This is such a great episode. This is what I have been going through trying to find what is working for ME and not a “diet” or diet mentality. Being kind to myself listening to my body. I wish everyone knew this! Such good info. Thanks for sharing

    • Dr. Mariza February 27, 2020 at 9:17 am #

      Glad to know that, Dooley! <3 Thank you for your feedback!

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