#188: The Low-Down on Hormones and How to Get Your Mojo Back in Menopause with Dr. Anna Cabeca

In This Episode: How To Gain Control Over Your Hormones & Menopause

  • Discover the role your hormones play in your ability to be fully functioning in the world
  • How to get your resilience and willpower back through lifestyle and nutrition
  • Why oxytocin, laughter, and love are the best medicines to help you heal from trauma
  • Learn how the Keto-Green 16 can help you nourish and empower your body and mind
  • What testing your urine PH can tell you about your mental and physical state of being

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Episode Summary

Despite what you may have been told, your hormonal levels are designed to change throughout your lifetime, and perimenopause and menopause are no different. I am sure that you have heard many misconceptions, misinformation and myths surrounding menopause, which is why I have brought triple board-certified trained physician and hormone expert Dr. Anna Cabeca to the show.

After being diagnosed with infertility and early menopause at age 38, one year after losing her young son in a tragic accident, Dr. Cabeca refused to accept this irreversible diagnosis. After setting out on a mission around the world to ease her menopause symptoms, Dr. Cabeca discovered the key to healing her hormones and welcomed a healthy baby girl at age 41. 

Since her life changing health journey began, Dr. Cabeca has helped thousands of women understand their hormones, empower their minds and bodies, and regain their resilience through self-care, lifestyle, and nutrition. Her new book, the Keto-Green 16 outlines how you can overcome obstacles with tremendous strength to find the purpose and passion you have been searching for. 

It is up to you to create an internal peace that surpasses all understanding so that you can begin to self-manage and self-regulate your hormone production. If you want to learn exactly what is going on during your transition between perimenopause and menopause, this is the episode for you.

Dr. Cabeca is here to provide you with the type of guidance you need no matter what stage of life you are in. Are you ready to get the answers to your burning questions and discover how to embrace menopause with ease and grace? Share this episode with someone who you know could benefit from this wealth of information and tag them in the comments below. 


“Part of my journey is just trying to understand with awe in a certain amount of objective distance to what I was experiencing, was why did this happen to my body? How could this happen to my body? And how could it not be irreversible?” (12:25)

“As I coach women, as I help women discover their own innate healing ability and get rid of the symptoms, honestly it’s 90% lifestyle and nutrition.” (19:18)

“I have been to the depths of hell, I have been depressed, I didn’t want to live another day or breathe another breath at one point in my life. So I know what that looks like, I know what that feels like, and that is where I am here to help.” (24:51)

“We want to empower our willpower, and we do that physiologically with mental conditioning. Focusing on the positive, staying with what is grateful, being appreciative of the moment and only looking towards where I am right now, and where my next step is.” (30:14)

“As the CEO of our own bodies, the CEO of our health, we have to take charge of this and recognize. And for me, the Keto-Green way was part of that discovery.” (38:22)

“We are responsible for the energy we bring into our rooms, into our home, into our life, into our morning. And I will say, change your day, change your morning.” (45:32)

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