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#451: Why Do Women Have a Higher Cardiometabolic Mortality Rate Than Men? With Dr. Sara Gottfried

Awareness around cardiovascular disease in women has declined in the past ten years, while the frequency of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues in women has only gone up. Dismantling the myths around your cardiometabolic health, and empowering yourself with the tools necessary to shift your health as you age, are key to longevity and overall health for the years to come.

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3 Reasons It’s Critical to Have Metabolic Flexibility

Hitting that afternoon slump? Craving caffeine and sugar? Learn whether or not your metabolism is using fuel efficiently. Metabolic Flexibility can make or break your health, especially as you age. 3 Reasons why Metabolic Flexibility is important. 4 ways to get and keep Metabolic Flexibility. Spoiler: The Standard American Diet needs a rehaul.

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