#453: 5 Must Have Supplements to Survive the Holidays and Travel

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In This Episode:

Have you ever thought the “most wonderful time of the year” is actually the exact opposite? 

Between the cooking, the planning, the shopping, the wrapping, the overtime at the office, and the holiday parties and events to attend, most people are exhausted and sick before the holidays end! 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Catch today’s podcast to find out how you can not only survive, but THRIVE during the winter months, stay healthy, and keep stress at bay with just a few simple adds to your daily regimen–and learn: 

  • 5 supplements that combat stress, fatigue, and weight gain 
  • Which nutrients can help you get better, more restorative sleep
  • How much of each nutrient your body actually needs
  • When (and how) to take these  supplements for maximum benefit

Mentioned in This Episode

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Magnesium Restore – The Anxiety-Buster

Vitamin D Complete – The Mood-Lifter

Adrenal Love – The Energy-Booster

Gluco Support – The Blood Sugar-Balancer

Activated B Complete – The Nerve-Protector

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