#243: What You Need to Know About the Stages of Perimenopause and How to Address Them

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Episode Summary

We all have been told the “horrors” of menopause, but few people are really talking about the biggest time of transition in a woman’s life: perimenopause.

This 4-10 year period before your menstrual cycle totally stops can be a time of fluctuating hormones, uncomfortable symptoms (including hot flashes, stubborn weight, exhaustion, sleep struggles, and more), and feelings that your life as you know it is over.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Tune in to today’s episode to hear why perimenopause is a period of so much change and how you can make this transition with ease and grace to continue living with energy and health for years to come!

In This Episode:

  • Understanding the perimenopause spectrum and where you fall on it
  • Why periods are unpredictable and often worse during perimenopause
  • The #1 thing that’s behind your symptoms
  • Natural lifestyle tools to ease your symptoms
  • My top supplement recommendations for perimenopause, PMS, heavy periods, and more

Mentioned in This Episode

Hormone Quiz

Magnesium Restore

Activated B Complete

Calm & Restore

Vitamin C Boost


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