#292: Top 5 Toxins That Cause Hot Flashes, Weight Gain and PMS

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Whether we fully grasp it or not, toxins play a huge—but often overlooked—role in hormone imbalance. These are things that are everywhere in the world around us, but it is possible to protect yourself!

Today I’m diving into 5+ of the most insidious toxins that throw off your hormones as well as some of my favorite proactive tips to help cleanse your body so you can feel your best! Tune in today to hear:

  • Which toxins are most likely to be impacting your hormones
  • How research continues to show the danger of these ingredients—yet so much is still unknown
  • Some of my favorite safe, natural brands for a variety of personal care products
  • My DIY home cleaning products shopping list
  • 6 steps to protect your body from the effects of toxins and restore balance

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