#318: How to Create Ease In Your Day Life, No Matter What with Elena Brower

If You Want To Create More Ease In Your Daily Life, You Should:

  1. Shift Your Beliefs and Mindset to Know That It’s Okay To Put You First
  2. Be Selective About the People and Activities You Give Your Attention Too
  3. Become Okay With Letting Go Of the People or Practices that Are Not Serving You

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Episode Summary

Most of us know that when we don’t fill up our own cup, it becomes so much more difficult to take care of anything or anyone else. So why is it so difficult for us to take care of ourselves first? Despite what society tells you, it is never selfish to put yourself first, and with a few simple mindset changes, you can create ease in your daily life no matter how busy you are.

Putting Yourself First with Elena Brower

Elena Brower is a real force of nature when finding inner peace and putting yourself first. Elena knows firsthand the dangers of burnout as a mama, teacher, artist, bestselling author, podcast host, and yoga and meditation teacher. She has dedicated her life to helping others learn how to talk to themselves and listen to their mind, bodies, and hearts in order to be happy on the inside.

Cultivating Your Inner Peace

If you struggle with setting boundaries or being truly present in the moment, you are not alone. But the truth is, your peace belongs to you, and you alone. Elena’s practices can help you communicate with people, curate more space in your life, and choose which attributes you want to cultivate within yourself. 

We are not talking about a bubble bath or a manicure here. Elena’s program is all about getting intentional about taking care of yourself and being selective about the energy that you are letting into your life.

Creating a Life You Love Through Self-Care

Life is short. We as women need to become intentional about selecting the people to whom we give our love and time and letting go of the things that don’t serve us anymore. As we age, it becomes all the more clear that self-care is the only way to create a life you love and that loves you back. 

When you can understand yourself and what you need in a real and practical way, you can take action every day to prioritize yourself and be of service to others in whatever way necessary.

Are you ready to start putting yourself first for at least 5 minutes every day? Because you deserve it! Share which of Elena’s practices resonated with you most with me in the comments below!


“It is time now to design a life that has a lot more ease in it, more rest, more quality care, attention, not just for other people, but also for ourselves.” (9:37)

“The overarching result that I aim to achieve is how to know ourselves super well so that we can serve up a dose of ease every single day.” (17:36)

“I don’t feel like I need to explain myself, I don’t feel like I need to provide an excuse or some kind of explanation, I simply let go.” (23:53)

“Look carefully at how you spend your time. Look carefully at how you spend your money. Look carefully at the books you read, if you watch shows, the shows you watch. What are you taking in? What are the inputs? This is a conversation I will never, ever, ever stop having. Because once you can look at that, and really design for yourself how you are with yourself, what you are bringing into your space, anything is possible.” (27:58)

“I am actually responsible for becoming an elder, one of the elders that I wish to see and learn from. That is a whole world of responsibility that I feel and honor, and I take it that seriously as well.” (34:59)

In This Episode

  • What it feels like to listen to the new pace of your body post-pandemic (11:37)
  • How to create more daily ease and maintain your boundaries through daily practices (15:08)
  • Tips to stop letting your inbox or obligations steal your own inner peace (21:15)
  • How to handle resistance or struggle when starting your self-care practices (26:37)
  • Which podcast you should listen to if you want to become more intentional in the way you curate your life (30:03)

Resources Mentioned

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