#364 – Why Burnout Is So Prevalent Today and the First Steps to Heal It with Dr. Doni Wilson

If You Want to Heal From Burnout, You Should:

  1. Take Dr. Doni’s test to identify your unique stress patterns and responses
  2. Set boundaries around your self-care by taking small incremental steps toward change
  3. Shift the experience of your nervous system by creating habits that enforce the rewriting of your stress patterns



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Even before the pandemic, feeling burned out had become the norm. Feeling physically and emotionally exhausted can have some severe health consequences, which is why it is so frustrating when we feel like we are making progress, only to be hit with those same fatigue and burnout symptoms. The first step to addressing these symptoms is to understand your unique stress response pattern and learn specific strategies that can make a huge impact on your stress type.

Becoming Resilient to Stress with Dr. Doni Wilson

Dr. Doni Wilson is a Naturopathic Doctor, certified professional midwife and nutrition specialist, and bestselling author of the new book, Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health. For more than 22 years, she has helped thousands of patients overcome health challenges and achieve wellness by using specific strategies unique to each person’s body type and symptoms. She brings awareness to the impact of stress on our health and helps her clients recover from burnout and become resilient to stress.

Know Your Stress Type

Stress is a silent killer that leads to inflammation and disease down the road. However, how our stress shows up is unique to each one of us. In her new book, Dr. Doni has defined the five major stress types or stress patterns that she commonly sees and lays out a guideline for how you can master whatever type of stress you have.

When healing from chronic stress or burnout, it is the first steps that matter the most. We all deserve to know our unique stress response patterns, and in turn, we can create daily habits and tools that address these patterns and heal your body.

Living Life Burnout Free

When we can understand how our cells work and how they are impacted by stress, we can give our mitochondria the right nutrients and day-to-day changes in order to heal them. While it can be difficult to walk the line between staying out of chronic stress mode while still living your life and all of the responsibilities that come with it, figuring out your stress type is the best first step for your treatment.

Ultimately, our health is determined by many factors, but one of the biggest ones is our environment. We need to learn how to rewrite our stress patterns and tailor our healing strategies to our unique stress responses in order to have the best chance of successful healing. By taking small steps to learn about how your body operates in the world, you can shake your burnout and get back to living life on your terms.

Are you ready to heal from your burnout and stop letting stress run your life? Share your thoughts about Dr. Doni’s approach with me in the comments below!


“I think a lot of us function in burnout all the time, and we just keep pushing through and pushing through day after day because we have to.” (7:45)

“The name of the book is Master Your Stress. Because for me, it’s not just about managing it; we need to master it. And to master anything, we need to understand it, become aware of it, understand how it affects us, and what we can do about it.” (13:04)

“We can make dietary changes; we can make sure you are getting enough sleep, we can make sure you have stress recovery activities and exercise. But my argument is that those things need to be fine-tuned based on your specific stress pattern.” (21:11)

“It is like finding the Goldilocks. We have to, for ourselves, for each of us, find out what is enough, but not too much.” (33:28)

“We need to be aware of our stress recovery day in and day out. Not just when you are on vacation, it has to be every day.” (43:07)


  • What your labs and hormone levels can reveal about your stress (8:47)
  • How your adrenals and your cellular health can lead to chronic fatigue (15:34)
  • Where to start when trying to deduce your stress and information overload while still living your life (19:04)
  • Why your unhealed trauma could be preventing you from finding true healing (26:47)
  • Tips for rewriting your stress patterns and tailoring your experiences to your unique stress response (31:09)


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