#441: The Connection Between Insulin Resistance and PCOS

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In This Episode:

I found out about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) the hard way–when a friend got diagnosed out of the blue and told she couldn’t have kids unless she underwent infertility treatment and started taking birth control pills.

I was BAFFLED that there wasn’t another way… 

But a LOT has changed and now we know there is once we understand the root cause!

Catch today’s truth bomb-filled podcast to explore what PCOS actually is, how it’s diagnosed, the real root cause and how to overcome it, and learn:

  • All about PCOS and its effects on women 
  • How PCOS is typically diagnosed
  • The one and only ROOT CAUSE of POS
  • 8 hacks to address the root cause and overcome PCOS for good

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