#515: The Connection Between Gut Health and Hormone Balance with Dr. Vincent Pedre

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Episode Summary

How often have you heard that your gut health is directly linked to the health of your entire body?

We often associate gut issues with symptoms like bloating, gas, acid reflux, or constipation. But we rarely connect gut issues with other symptoms like fatigue, PMS, cramps, hot flashes, and other hormonal imbalances. 

I’ve seen recently in this post-pandemic world that many of our guts are in far a worse state than before. 

We’re more inflamed. Our immune system is more out of whack. And we’re seeing more and more cases of autoimmunity in women

The first place we have to look to make a change is our gut health. An inflamed gut not only causes digestive issues, but it can lead to headaches, pains, sluggishness, hormonal imbalance, and even changes in mental health like anxiety or depression. 

Dr. Vincent Pedre– a functional gut health doctor–  joins us today to discuss the connection between leaky gut and system-wide inflammatory disruption– especially related to our hormones, metabolism, blood sugar, and mood. 

Dr. Pedre explains that ‘although they call our gut the second brain, I think our gut is our first intuitive brain.’ 

He shares how you can learn more about exactly what your gut needs through a personalized protocol for gut health. 

If your current doctors can’t find answers, aren’t seeing any abnormalities, or are unable to pinpoint what treatments will help you, it’s time for you to try something more comprehensive to manage your symptoms. And that’s what you’ll get from tuning in here to Dr. Pedre!

In this podcast, you’ll realize how connected our gut is to our overall health, and what’s possible for you in healing your gut– therefore giving you a healthier life. 

Make sure to listen here for tons of must-know gut tips that you can start implementing today! It’s time to take action and listen to your gut to optimize your health and live your life to the fullest. 

Dr. Vincent Pedre

Dr. Vincent Pedre is the medical director of Pedre Integrative Health and the founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness. He’s also the founder of Happy Gut Life and works as a nutraceutical consultant and spokesperson for Nature MD. 
Vincent is the author of the book Gut Smart, which provides an incredible framework for figuring out what’s going on with our gut health, and what to do about it. It features a 14-day personalized gut healing plan based on his gut smart quiz, which is a culmination of his decades of research and clinical experience as a functional gut health doctor.


“It’s not just about the foods, it’s about the mindset. It’s about how you approach eating. It’s about how you care for your body and your nervous system.”

“You’re depending on your liver and gut microbiome for 80% of active thyroid hormone that is circulating in your blood to make you feel energized.”

“The gut plays a really important role in the way that our hormones are either activated or how they’re deactivated and moved out of the body.”

“I think a lot of times when people think ‘I need to detox’, they’re just thinking about their liver. But actually the liver’s only one of three very important components. It’s the liver, the gut, and the forgotten piece– the gut microbiome.”

“A lot of times when people are depressed or they’re anxious, their digestion is off, they’re constipated, they have a rock in their stomach, they’re not feeling well when they eat– things don’t digest well.”

In This Episode

  1. Learn about the 14-day program for gut healing 
  2. Dr. Vincent’s history with his own gut health
  3. How the gut supports women’s health
  4. Your gut and hormone health 
  5. Detoxification and gut health 
  6. How your mood and mental health are related to your gut 
  7. Supporting the gut microbiome
  8. The top three things disrupting our gut health 

Resources Mentioned

Buy The GUT SMART Protocol Book  

Free Chapter from The Gut SMART Protocol Book

Happy Gut Life

Pedre Integrative Health

Dr. Pedre’s Instagram

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