#514: The Worst “Healthy” Foods That Drive Blood Sugar Spikes

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In This Episode:

More often than not, we are getting blindsided by hidden carbs, nasty seed oils, and sneaky sugars embedded in some of the MAIN foods we have been told were “good for us” our entire lives. 

Some of these foods could be regularly skyrocketing your blood sugar–leading to a vicious cycle of energy crashes, mid-afternoon slumps, intense cravings, or belly fat that will not go away…

…and even chronic issues like metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, and heart disease.

Catch today’s to find out what some of these sneaky foods are, as well as a few amazing alternatives–and learn: 

  1. The two types of belly fat you need to be aware of
  2. How belly fat can lead to system-wide inflammation and more
  3. Why certain “healthy” foods are actually very dangerous
  4. Which hormones are affected the most by these foods
  5. The top 5 worst foods on the list
  6. 4 ways to overcome the food industry’s shortcomings 

Mentioned in This Episode

Gluco Support – Powerhouse herbs and nutrients proven to balance blood sugar better than conventional medication. 

Metabolic Restore – My best-kept secret for a rocking metabolism.

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One Response to #514: The Worst “Healthy” Foods That Drive Blood Sugar Spikes

  1. Bobby Norman April 5, 2023 at 10:27 am #

    I recently started taking your Gluco Support . My doctor sent me the blood sugar medication because I am pre diabetic. Hopefully on my next checkup your Gluco Support with my diet and exercise does the trick and I can continue to NOT take the medication. I am so proud of your accomplishments Mariza I always knew you would go places because of how smart and beautiful you are take care.

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