#349: Supplementing with This Super Mineral Will Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels and Improve Sleep

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The mineral magnesium is involved in over 600 chemical processes in the body, but 60% of Americans, or about 100 million people, don’t get enough of it through consumed nutrition. This is a startling statistic considering how vital magnesium is to our cells. Aside from the chemical processes, this mineral also improves sleep, and recent research has shown it helps stabilize blood sugar.

So you want to ensure your body is getting enough magnesium…

And there is one thing I recommend. Tune in today to hear…

  • How magnesium affects glucose control and insulin metabolism
  • The different ways magnesium boosts sleep quality
  • The role magnesium has in Vitamin D levels
  • My favorite magnesium-rich foods
  • The number one magnesium that I recommend
  • And more!

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