#568: Menopausal Weight Gain, the Benefits of BHRT, and Creating Metabolic Flexibility in Midlife with Dr. Tabatha Barber

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Episode Summary

Hate to break it to you ladies… but once you hit your 40s, you just can’t eat and live the way you did in your 20s and 30s. 

Everything changes. 

Instead of focusing on weight loss, we need to meet our bodies where they’re at and turn the focus on metabolic health and strength. 

One of the best ways to feel healthier in your changing body is through fasting.  

Functional medicine expert Dr. Tabatha Barber joins me today to explain how fasting is the key to optimal health in your 40s and beyond. 

In this podcast, we cover it ALL– from common struggles in menopause, hormone replacement therapies, what to look for in your labs, and what you can start NOW to feel your best in your body! 

Learn all about it here, and give yourself and your metabolism what it needs to thrive! 

Dr. Tabatha Barber

Dr. Tabatha Barber is triple board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, and functional medicine. She hosts The Gutsy Gynecologist Show– where she guides women to reclaim their health. She’s the creator of Fast to Faith, a 40-day program that takes women on a faith-centered journey of fasting to heal and thrive.

In This Episode

  1. How Dr. Tabatha overcame burnout to reclaim her health 
  2. Why many women struggle with perimenopause and menopause 
  3. Diving into bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
  4. Comparing functional vs. conventional gynecologists 
  5. Functional labs and what lab markers can tell us 
  6. Why fasting and faith are so important for women 

What you can do to start feeling better today!

Resources Mentioned

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One Response to #568: Menopausal Weight Gain, the Benefits of BHRT, and Creating Metabolic Flexibility in Midlife with Dr. Tabatha Barber

  1. Marlo Dent February 6, 2024 at 9:13 am #

    This was a wonderful episode for me! I am post-menopausal and it is just now that I am learning so much about my body. I wish I had been into learning years ago. My body has been wonderful to serve me through the years and I want her to have many more years .. years of health and years that I listen to her needs. Thank you for your podcast and this episode. And I ordered a copy of Dr Tabatha’s book as soon as I finished the podcast! I cannot wait to read it.

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