577: How to Put Gut Loving Carbs Back on the Table (Without Blood Sugar Consequences) with Phoebe Lapine

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Episode Summary

Here’s a secret that’s not talked about these days…

Carbs aren’t that bad for you!

In fact, certain carbs are HUGE for providing fiber and supporting our gut health. 

So– why does the media always make carbs out to be the bad guy? 

Phoebe Lapine is an author and culinary expert who’s here today to dive into the importance of a balanced diet… yes, carbs included! 

But the key to remember is the SOURCE of your carb intake. 

You’ll walk away from this podcast feeling confident with healthy hacks to nourish your body without feeling restricted– setting yourself up for lifetime success. PLUS, as someone who’s battled autoimmune diseases, Phoebe’s tips are designed to help you get healthy… and STAY healthy. 

Discover the truth about carbs… and so much more HERE! 

Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine is a 4-times published author, gluten-free chef, culinary instructor, and Hashimoto’s-and-SIBO advocate whose mission is to share how food can be the best medicine. Working as a professional chef, she’s learned how to support the body with food through her own autoimmune diagnoses, and now she educates thousands of people to do the same. 

In This Episode

  1. How Phoebe overcame her challenges with Autoimmune disease  
  2. The impact food has on the illnesses of modern-day 
  3. Dietary tips for balancing your blood sugar and metabolism
  4. The truth about fad diets and what’s actually good for your body 
  5. Diversifying your plate to enhance your gut microbiome  
  6. Spotting secret sugars and reducing your sugar intake 
  7. The science behind your digestion 
  8. Top HACKS for a balanced diet… without feeling restricted 

Resources Mentioned

Get Phoebe’s Carbivore Cookbook and Gain Instant Access to the Blood Sugar Bootcamp Course HERE!

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