578: The Far Reaching Physical and Psychological Impact of Hormones, Hormonal Birth Control and The Menopause Transition with Dr. Sarah Hill

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Episode Summary

Women should NOT be made to feel bad about wanting something better, right? 

That’s the case when it comes to hormones and hormonal birth control. 

Unfortunately– there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty that women– and even their doctors– have around hormone replacement and hormone options. 

Some doctors are still stuck in thinking that hormones like estrogen are dangerous. So my goal is to empower you to find a provider willing to listen to you– because hormone replacement can be CRUCIAL as you reach perimenopause and menopause!

In this podcast, expert researcher and educator Dr. Hill opens the door to learning more about our bodies as women, hormones, and beneficial options for our health. 

Check out this podcast today to take charge of your hormonal health through every stage of your cycle– and your life! 

Dr. Sarah Hill 

Dr. Sarah Hill is an award-winning research psychologist specializing in women’s health and sexual psychology. Dr. Hill’s research focuses on the role of hormones, the immune system, and the environment in relationships and health behaviors. She got her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin. 


  1. Adjusting your lifestyle to different phases of your cycle 
  2. What happens to your body through perimenopause
  3. Addressing modern day’s standard of care for women’s health 
  4. Hormone replacement options and their benefits 
  5. Hormonal birth control and the side effects of it 
  6. Birth control’s connection to the stress-response system 
  7. Tips for getting your body off birth control 


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