584: The Health Costs of Our Modern Life & How to Start Feeling Better with Dr. Casey Means

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With so much health knowledge at our fingertips, it’s amazing that Americans are getting sicker every year.

We’re more depressed. 

Our life expectancy is going down because we’re becoming infertile. 

So… what are we missing? 

Dr. Means joins me today to touch on shifting your perspective toward understanding an energy-centric nature of disease. More connection, and prioritizing good energy will help pave the way to a healthier future. 

Because good energy is the ultimate currency

Creating deep connections– between our body systems, ourselves and nature, and ourselves and other people helps drive the needle toward lasting health and longevity. 

Don’t miss today’s podcast to dive deep into what’s currently lacking in our country that’s leading to the decline in American health, and what YOU can do today to find good energy, heal your body, and create the healthiest version of yourself! Check it out here. 

Casey Means, MD 

Dr. Casey Means is a physician and the co-founder of Levels– a health technology company focused on reversing the world’s metabolic health crisis. She trained in Head & Neck Surgery before leaving traditional medicine to focus on the root cause of American illnesses. Her new book– Good Energy– comes out this May, and it’s a framework for the relationships between health, life, food, technology, mindset, and more.


  1. Why NOW is the time to be cultivating “Good Energy” 
  2. Metabolic health when it comes to Good and Bad energy 
  3. Actionable tips for implementing good energy into your life
  4. Core components you should include in your daily diet 
  5. Trusting yourself in a sea of health information
  6. Understanding biomarkers and lab tests for metabolic health 
  7. How to easily maintain good health and longevity 
  8. Getting back to the fundamentals and grounding in nature 
  9. How eating habits, physical activity, and sleep are related to your metabolic health 


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